Venison Charcuterie

For me, charcuterie is the endgame of every successful hunt, but each animal needs a different treatmeant: sausages, cured whole cuts, salami, etc. This is what I did with my deer from Catalina.

Harvesting and Cooking Wild Plums

June and July are when wild plums come ripe. Wild plums, you say? Where would I find them? Some are hidden in secret spots. Others are all around you...

Sassafras and Homemade Root Beer

On Independence Day, what better wild ingredient to feature than Sassafras? The aromatic bark, leaves and roots were the first plant exported from North America to Europe.

Dining on Daylilies

While I always knew daylilies were edible, I had no idea they were so delicious! We gathered a bunch on my trip to New England last week and they're so good I may grow them as a food crop.

How to Cut Up a Rabbit

I get a surprisingly large amount of queries about how to cut up a whole rabbit or hare. So here you go: Step by step instructions, as well as a recipe for Buttermilk Fried Rabbit!

On a Ramp-age

After many years without them, I finally get my hands on some ramps - that wild onion everyone's talking about. Are they worth the hype?

Foraging Mallow – Hiding in Plain Sight

An offhanded remark leads me down the rabbit hole in search of the mysterious - yet ubiquitous - mallow plant. Who knew how important this weed was to the Eastern Mediterranean?

On Making Homemade Pasta

Making pasta at home is a soothing process I find utterly absorbing: knead, roll, cut, fill, shape. Pasta-making has become a journey for me, with endless combinations of flours and ingredients.

Preserved Lemons

Preserved lemons are not just the province of Morocco. Methods of preserving or pickling lemons exist wherever they are grown, including 19th century America.

How to Make Caviar

Caviar has always had a hold on me. It is a mysterious ingredient, almost otherworldy; the individual eggs look like jewels…

Experiments with Madrone Bark Tea

Not much about cooking excites me more than experimenting with a new ingredient. I get especially jazzed when that ingredient…