Seared Canada Goose Breast

This is the best Canada goose breast recipe if you want to eat it like a steak or a London broil. Reverse seared goose breast sliced thin and served simply.

Sierra Spring

Wild ingredients can link you to time and place on a plate in ways far stronger than supermarket food. Here's one example of doing exactly that.

Squirrel Carnitas

A recipe for squirrel carnitas, served on homemade huaraches with stewed beans and a rich mole. You can serve your squirrel carnitas any way you'd like.

Duck Confit

Everything you need to know about how to make duck confit or goose confit at home.

Crispy Fried Duck Tongues

Yes, you can eat duck tongues. Crispy fried duck tongues are one of the best bar snacks ever!

On Trichinosis in Wild Game

Trichinosis is a rare - but real - issue when you are working with wild game, especially bear meat and wild pork. Here's a rundown of the science and data on trichinae parasites in game, as well as how you can minimize the risk.


It's a frightening thing, meeting your limitations. Knowing that there are many people better than you even at the things you consider yourself good at is nothing if not humbling. The only way I can cope with such knowledge is to fight it. Limitations are not set in stone. They can be moved.

Pheasant Confit

Most of us know about duck confit -- where you salt duck legs, then slow cook them in duck fat until they are meltingly tender, then you crisp them up in a hot oven? Yeah, that's confit. There's a reason it's all over restaurant menus, but check it: This process works great with pheasant and other upland game birds, too!

Butter Poached Salmon

Think of this as a Scandinavian summertime dish: Gently poached salmon served simply, with a mixture of sour cream, horseradish and dill. Perfect with little fingerling potatoes. Simple, but seriously good.