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Photo by Holly A. Heyser

Wild Gooseberries – How to Eat Them

Wild gooseberries are not the friendliest of fruits. I mean look at them! Nasty, spiky, prickly things that will impale your hands without a second thought. You must pick them with gloves or suffer the consequences. These above are Sierra gooseberries from California, but the Eastern wild gooseberry is almost as prickly. This makes eating […]

Photo by Hank Shaw

Spruce or Fir Tip Syrup

Ever eat a tree? I know, I sound like Euell Gibbons. But really, you can eat the fresh growing tips of spruce or fir trees in any number of ways. My favorite is steeped in a simple syrup. The syrup smells like a pine forest, tastes a little citrusy — moreso if you add lemon […]