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Photo by Holly A. Heyser

Simple Seared Venison Kidneys

Kidneys can be challenging. If you don’t soak them long enough, they can be bitter and, well, smell and taste a little like pee. That should not deter you from keeping the kidneys from the deer you shoot every year. Properly soaked, venison kidneys are delicious and not at all off-putting. If you are not […]

Photo by Chris Niskanen

Grouse Risotto

I recently came upon what I consider the best, most approachable use of the giblets from any game bird: Cajun dirty rice. This recipe is an Italian riff of that, in which I use the giblets in a risotto made with red wine. I first made this recipe with the hearts, livers and tenders (the […]

Photo by Holly A. Heyser

Braised Venison Tongue

I came up with this dish when I was serving several dozen people — but only had one little venison tongue to go around. (Yes, I had lots of other things, but I wanted everyone to get a taste) Tongue — of anything — needs slow cooking to make it tender, plus you need to […]