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Photo by Holly A. Heyser

Braised Venison Tongue

I came up with this dish when I was serving several dozen people — but only had one little venison tongue to go around. (Yes, I had lots of other things, but I wanted everyone to get a taste) Tongue — of anything — needs slow cooking to make it tender, plus you need to […]

Photo by Hank Shaw

Venison Stew with Wild Greens

I am always on the lookout for new venison stews, and this interesting stew from Puglia, in the heel of the Italian boot, has earned a place in my recipe book. Called callaredda, it’s an odd stew, with only a few ingredients and meat that is not browned before it is added to the pot […]

Thessaly Greek Lamb Sausage

This is a recipe I made with domestic lamb that would easily translate into venison, antelope, elk or moose — and of course wild sheep or goats. I saw a description of this sausage in The Glorious Foods of Greece, and formulated this recipe from that. As I gather, a Thessaly sausage (Thessaly is in […]

Antelope Longaniza Sausage

I am putting this sausage in the Venison category because I think it fits best here, but I initially made this Spanish-style sausage with goat meat. Naturally, the closest analog to goat in the wild game world is antelope, but I would happily make this paprika-heavy fresh sausage with venison or even wild boar or […]

Ethiopian Lamb or Venison Chops

OK, this is not your traditional Ethiopian segi wat or tibs, two traditional lamb dishes that are de rigeur at any Ethiopian restaurant. This is my take on the classic, sexed up a bit and refined. It still requires the Holy Trinity¬†of Ethiopian cooking: the flat bread injera, berbere spice paste and the frisky clarified […]

Spring Lamb Sugo

This is not a wild game recipe, as it uses lamb. But it could be done with the shanks of any decent-sized game animal: Wild boar, venison, antelope would all go well. From a culinary standpoint it is a transitional dish, a movement from the deep braises of winter into the freshness and light that […]

Traditional Loukaniko Sausage

OK, a while back I played around with the Greek sausage loukaniko, using pork and sexing the whole thing up by making it smooth emulsified sausage. This one is the real deal, however. I combed as many Greek recipe books as I could find, and compiled this amalgam of them not as “the” loukaniko, but […]