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Bear Pelmeni Dumplings

Pelmeni are a Russian dumpling that originates in Siberia, where the original fillings were most likely venison and bear. I made these with bear meat, but you could use the more modern Russian mixture of beef and pork. Any meat will do, really. You will need a lot of onion to go with it, as […]

Photo by Hank Shaw

Wild Boar Mexican Chorizo

Mexican chorizo is very different from its Spanish cousin. Mexican chorizo is softer, spicier and more floral than Spanish chorizo. Making an authentic one is tricky if you don’t have some of the ingredients, but even if you leave some out, it’ll still be good. You should also know that there is no “One True” […]

Photo by Holly A. Heyser

Wild Pig and Bear Recipes

Wild boar is a princely meat when that boar is young or it was a sow; old boars can get funky and are much more challenging to cook. As omnivores, whatever the wild pigs were eating before you came along and shot one will determine how they taste, and, in some cases, what you can […]