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Sage and Juniper Venison Sausage

This is a sausage I was inspired to make after I returned from a deer hunting trip to Catalina Island. I am a firm believer in the cooking adage, “what lives together in life can live together on the plate.” We found lots of native sages on the island, and where I shot this deer we found a […]

Photo by Holly A. Heyser

Venison Landjaeger

Landjaeger. Such a cool name, eh? It’s a German dry-cured sausage that is made small enough to fit into your coat pocket on a cold day hiking, fishing — or hunting. Traditionally made with beef and pork, my landjaeger is made with venison and pork fat. You could use any red meat — goat, lamb, […]

Photo by Holly A. Heyser

Braised Venison Tongue

I came up with this dish when I was serving several dozen people — but only had one little venison tongue to go around. (Yes, I had lots of other things, but I wanted everyone to get a taste) Tongue — of anything — needs slow cooking to make it tender, plus you need to […]

Photo by Hank Shaw

Venison Stew with Wild Greens

I am always on the lookout for new venison stews, and this interesting stew from Puglia, in the heel of the Italian boot, has earned a place in my recipe book. Called callaredda, it’s an odd stew, with only a few ingredients and meat that is not browned before it is added to the pot […]

Greek Venison Stew

This is a variation on a classic stifado from Sparta; the original uses goat meat instead of venison. You could use lamb as a replacement for either. There are as many variations on lamb or goat or, in the north, beef, stews as there are cooks on Greece. The keys to the flavor of this […]

Moose Meatballs, Swedish Style

This is a Swedish meatball recipe adapted from one given to my mother from her mother, who was a Massachusetts Swede. They call these meatballs Svenska Kottbullar, and they are traditionally served with a lingonberry sauce. In Scandinavia, the meatballs are sometimes made with reindeer, so I did not think it a stretch to switch […]