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Out & About

Photo by Holly A. Heyser

Want to Learn How to Make Pasta & Sausage?

I’ll be doing some cooking classes in May that I hope you can come to! One is a pasta-making class in Sacramento, the other a sausage-making class in Marin.

Photo by Holly A. Heyser

Pig Butchering at Sportsmen’s Expo Friday

Wanted to pick up some tips on how to butcher a pig? Or how to get more out of your wild game? Come to the Sportsmen’s Expo in Sacramento this weekend, where I’ll be doing demos.

photo by Holly A. Heyser

And the Winner is…

Find out who won free dinner for two and a free hotel stay for our upcoming four-course Duck Duel at Grange between Chef Michael Tuohy and myself…

Photo by Holly A. Heyser

Duck Duel Deux: Win Dinner, Hotel Room

It’s on! A rematch of last year’s Iron Chef Duck competition between Chef Tuohy and myself, only this time one lucky couple gets a free dinner AND hotel room. Details? Read on.

Photo by Hank Shaw

Want to Learn to Hunt? Start Now

Want to learn how to hunt but haven’t the faintest idea how? This should help get you started – but you need to begin your journey soon, as hunting season will soon be here…

The Great Wild Duck Off

I’ve watched Iron Chef for years, and am a big fan of Top Chef. I spend much of my time watching those shows second-guessing the contestants’ decisions — “Why would you put foam on the plate 15 minutes out? Beef with THAT?! — classic armchair quarterbacking. Now I get a chance to put my money […]