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4 responses to “Linguine with White Clam Sauce”

  1. Jeanne Clark

    No butter, lemon or parsley? I’d go head to head on this recipe.

  2. Muffy Burnham

    Moon low in Narragansett Bay this Saturday. Pasta with clam sauce Sunday.
    Throw out the plum tomato. Add parsley and oregano.

  3. Recoil Rob

    The family was based in the Bronx when I grew up, I got to try dozens of versions of spaghetti and white clam sauce. After all that I always go back to Craig Claiborne’s Favorites, Vol. 2, NY Times Books, 1976. The first recipe is SPAGHETTI IN FOIL. There’s white and red, never bothered with the red, the white is too good. I can’t eat anyone else’s and neither can anyone I have made it for. No recipe on the web, you’ll have to get the book, it’s the very first recipe. Or you can go to the NY Times website to download the original column from 1/2/1975

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