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4 responses to “Italian Glutton’s Style Fish”

  1. Laura Johnson

    Sounds delish! Tomatoes, anchovey, capers, onions,- what s not to love!

  2. Frank LoRusso

    Hank, this sounds awesome can’t wait to try it with some walleyes in the freezer. I appreciate the reference to the Nick Tahoes Garbage Plate, practically lived on those in high school. Sadly old Nick is gone but the plate lives on.

  3. Jim

    That. Was. Delightful.

    It also received the coveted “you can do this one again” from my wife.

  4. Dan G

    Delicious! I didn’t have any anchovies, so I substituted some homemade bottarga and that worked well.

    A great recipe for dressing up some otherwise sub-par fish. I used Atlantic pollock that I caught last summer and had been in my freezer ever since – still decent, but definitely not the best fish ever. I’ll have to try it again once I have some fresh fish to use.

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