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5 responses to “Deviled Duck Hearts”

  1. Guy B.

    The hearts look delicious. Another great recipe, I can’t wait to try it. Unfortunately here in San Joaquin Valley we still are not seeing much as far as ducks migrating yet, I hope it picks up soon, so can start amassing some hearts to try. I like skewering my small dove hearts onto rosemary stem skewers and grilling them on the BBQ for appetizers, perfect finger food. Thanks for the Post Hank.

  2. Brandon

    Since my hunting season is closed and I have no duck hearts I am considering alternative meat to first thought was to cut up some skinless mallard breast. I’m wondering though if they will be over cooked by the time I’m done. Is there a difference in the way heart cooks and other meats cook in regards to cooking time and teaching the dreadful over cooked duck stage?

    I have beef heart but domestic beef seems a shame to use unless there is a reason.

  3. Dick Williams

    Good post Hank. Anyone lacking hearts needs to do to a good Asian market. There are hearts available for almost anything walking or flying out world!!

  4. Darren Gewant

    excellent timing! i have about 30-40 duck hearts (and gizzards and liver) which i have been diligently dissecting and yet to pick a recipe.

    question: Do duck hearts from Ducks with questionable fat taste good??

    most of my ducks this year (lots of widgeon, btw) have good looking fat, but I saved a few ring necks and some other species with weird looking fat (got a friggin 10lb mallard, that was bright orange – full of Doritos im guessing). got a few gadwall the other day, and they were a tinge orange.

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