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5 responses to “Cajun Dirty Rice”

  1. Will

    So wondering why the rice is cooked separately. Does it keep everything more intact (veg, etc)? Every time I’ve made this in the past I’ve cooked the rice with broth in the pot with everything else, jambalaya style, once everything is sautéed and scraped.

  2. Joe Keough

    Same reason you cool the rice before making a fried rice dish. Nothing wrong with your method, Will. The texture, though, is completely different. When hot, the rice is wet and fragile. Mixing the other ingredients tends to break the grains and spread the starch. You tend to end up with something resembling a porridge. Again, that isn’t all bad, especially if that’s what your going for. By allowing the grains to cool and dry out somewhat, they firm up and are better able to hold up. You end up with a lighter, fluffier dish.

  3. Scott MacDonald

    Made this tonight but with the nibs and nabs of some Flemish giant rabbits we slaughtered today. Very nice. Used rabbit fat and stock as well.

  4. Will

    Yeah, definitely understand why you cool it if you’re using precooked rice, as this reads much like a cajun fried rice recipe.

    I’ll have to try it and compare, sure it’s great. Thanks

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