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7 responses to “Simple Salmon Salad”

  1. Renee Person

    Hank – this looks most excellent. We, too, try to make good use of the carcasses after filleting our salmon. I take a spoon and scrape the bones as cleanly as I can. We get our years’ catch all at once, so are butchering 100 salmon or so at a time. I regularly get 20-30 pounds of meat off the bones and heads. With this I make salmon sausage. It’s become one of our favorite parts of the catch. The downside (or maybe not) is that it needs to be eaten more quickly than the rest of the fish. And those carcasses? We bury them in the garden in the fall. 🙂

  2. Mary Frances

    I love simple delicious recipes like these-especially when they involve salmon!

  3. Lou

    Holy cow! On the to do list!

  4. Lyne

    I make fish stock from the heads and freeze for soup bases the whole year through. Extremely nutrient dense from the brain & eyes; basically a super food!

  5. cindy hoong

    since I don’t fish, I get my salmon heads and carcasses from the fishman.

    This is what I believe, strongly, in — it is bad we killed for food, it is even worse if we waste ‘the living thing’ who sacrafice its life for us.

    I cook fishhead curry, make stock from bones and heads. I removed the meats for my cats, freeze them in plastic boxes, use them for fry rice, salad, add them to omlet as something special … you name it, there is always away we can use them …

  6. felicia@ingredient1

    Grilling salmon for salmon salad is such an exciting and tasty idea! The extra work of stripping the meat and picking bones definitely seems worth it.

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