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8 responses to “Braised Pheasant with Mushrooms”

  1. Stan

    My Busia aka Grandmother taught me a recipe similar to this when I was a boy. All the men in her family were hunters she learned early. She could work miracles with ALL game. I miss her and her wisdom.

  2. Nate

    Wow. Plucking pheasants. That takes some patience. Every time I’ve tried, the skin would tear. I’ve since seen videos, and it looks like I was plucking them a little too roughly like I would a duck.

  3. Ben

    Hank, thanks for the wonderful, warming recipe. It’s pretty cold outside!

    If you were to use goose legs/thighs, would you recommend changing the wine to a red? Also, what type of mushrooms did you use for the pictures of this recipe.

    Thanks again!

    Nate: regarding plucking pheasant, I was in your same boat (going after them like a duck), but if you pull a few feathers at a time it takes a little bit but it’s worth the effort. Scalding would be best, but in a pinch grabbing a few feathers at a time seems to work.

  4. Abi

    Made this for dinner last night using boring old commercial chicken thighs. I didn’t have white wine so I used beer. It was a big hit, the new favorite chicken thigh dish in our house (which is saying something: many chicken thighs find their ultimate destiny in our kitchen). The only downside was that my husband ate so much he went straight to sleep after dinner. Thanks Hank.

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  6. lana

    Hank, all the hunters in my family remove the skin from any fowl much to my dislike. Therefore I’m never privy to a good roasted skin and can easily have dry bird. I can’t change them, do you have any suggestions. (Other than hog tie them!)

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