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3 responses to “The Spring Porcini Conundrum”

  1. Guy B.

    How about King Mushrooms in a lite cream sauce served over our other King of spring, the Chinook Salmon, maybe topped with pine tips or spring ramps or onions? Great post thanks Hank!

  2. Russell

    Just wish they were easier to find… 🙂 But isn’t that every mushroom? Found about a half dozen around Lake Wenatchee, WA, this year but only one that wasn’t wormy yet. (It was delicious)

  3. Melanie Shasha

    Nice recipe! I might make this tomorrow if I have any luck. Fingers crossed! We have been lucky enough to find the strength to dehydrate some for later. The other night we had them sautéed in butter and served with scrambled eggs and a spring salad. Simple and yummy.

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