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28 responses to “Venison Meatloaf”

  1. Beth

    Like you, I hated meatloaf as a kid but we have it often now. Generally with beef as I appreciate the fattiness of it compared to the leaner game. Having the proportion ratio in this recipe will help me out. Thank you for this! I will be making meatloaf now with venison, elk, mule deer and maybe moose (if we chance to get one sometime). The only change I make to your tasty recipe will be to cook it on my Traeger smoker/grill. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend looking into a purchase. Thanks again!

  2. Nat

    thanks for this recipe Hank. I think it looks so tight it might need some bengay.

    but, why 160 for temp? I don’t know if I’ve been wrong the whole time but I normally cook ground venison to medium rare. not a good idea? thanks.

  3. Sara Thompson

    I can’t eat eggs so what would you recommend as a replacement?

  4. Lou


    Eggbeaters? Egg free mayo?

  5. TimW

    Venison meatloaf is guaranteed crowd pleaser in our house! With heaping mounds of buttered mash potatoes and a pile of green beans. Our’s is more “American” style, I guess (glazed with BBQ sauce). Very hearty, and a little sweet-savory action. We will have to try this recipe, though — looks intriguing!

  6. J.R. Young

    My recipe is damn near what you have except the fennel and milk/bread….I’ll need to give that a shot. I have never thought about using whole fennel like that.

  7. Teri Pieper

    There’s no fat added to our ground meat. Can I use olive oil instead of bacon or backfat? Thanks. This looks yummy!

  8. kim graves

    Hank, what kind and how much fat do you put into your venison burger? Thanks Kim

  9. Cas Tucker

    We enjoy the meatloaf in our house. We use 1 egg and approximately 1.5 lb ground venison with pork sausage, and add some Italian breadcrumbs, about 3/4 cup. Add some seasonings and cover with the ubiquitous catsup/ketchup, and bake a formed loaf for about 45 min at 375. Hubby says not to change his favorite, but I will try yours one of these days soon. Your recipes have been winners for us. Thanks Hank! Cas from KC

  10. chanman

    Kim: I think it’s lard. Hank’s has a note about it in the venison sausage section, I think.

    Hank: What happens if you stuff a meatloaf into a sausage casing?

  11. HorseDoctor

    I grind my venison with 10% beef fat and that’s enough to hold a burger together & not too fatty for meatloaf. My favorite meatloaf recipe is quite similar to this one. I need to try the addition of fennel. That sounds wonderful. You could try adding another dimension to this recipe with 1 or 2 tablespoons of horseradish. Fresh is best, but store bought will do.

  12. Claudette

    This looks amazing.

  13. HorseDoctor

    Yea, I would like 15% beef fat a little better but do 10% as a compromise. My wife has a familial history of heart problems & she’s a bit “phobic” about fat in her diet.

  14. Alanna Kellogg

    EXCELLENT! After last night’s meal, we ditched every other way we’ve made meatloaf cuz while we may make the odd adjustment, this is the new “house recipe” for meat loaf for both flavor and tenderness. I’m working on finding out the fat % of the venison we used (it was a gift …) but based on appearance, suspect it might not reach your idea of optimal fat. Love how it makes the house smell so good and slices cold —

    PS Our changes: used whole wheat bread (great) and didn’t “paint” with marinara (fine, thank you, House of Cards distraction) and baked in a LeCreuset pate mold (perfect for 2/3 recipe).

  15. Jason Hill

    Very tasty! Regarding the fat, I don’t add any beef fat to my venison. I threw in a half bag of spinach, some purple cabbage, and a celeriac into the food processor (as well as the other listed ingredients) and added that to 1.5 lbs of plain venison. It was very moist and delicious and almost had the texture of crumb cake. Thanks Hank.

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  17. Noel

    I know Coach would enjoy this recipe. The only time I attempted to cook meatloaf the oven was on it’s way out but we didn’t know it yet. I baked that meatloaf for over 3 hours before it wasn’t raw. Having never made a meatloaf I didn’t make the connection that the oven was on the fritz. So I guess I should give meatloaf another try. This looks like a good place to start.

  18. kevinh

    Made this last night. Turned out great. One complaint too much salt. Maybe just me don’t use any salt on anything anymore. The salt taste was just a little to much. Thanks

  19. lana long

    Hank love love your site esp your dialouge.
    One problem. I have no bread. I di have panko and italian bread crumbs. Any go on this. You are my first ste I ever go to since I am the only gal of a family of hunters. Ibdo qual shoiting and a dam good anler. Otherwise camera hunting.
    Thsnks Hank.
    Sorry. Need tonight?! Please.

  20. Lauren

    Hey lana long, I’m not Hank obviously but I happen to be looking at this recipe on the same day you are asking for help!

    If I were in your situation I’d use the Italian breadcrumbs and then reduce the salt (assuming the prepared crumbs have salt added) — OR leave out the breadcrumbs AND the milk. Do NOT leave out the bread and include the milk.

  21. Rolanda

    Hank: I have my own lard I’ve rendered. Do you think adding this to the ground venison would work? If so, how much? Another thought. What about 1.5 lbs of the venison & .5 lb ground pork?

  22. kathy

    As we speak, we are cooking venison meatloaf in one pan and elk in the other .. we use lots of garlic and canned mushrooms (save the juice for the gravy) evap. milk butter crackers and sage saugage mixed we ll .. oh and don’t forget some purple onion chopped finely and sour cream .. save half of the can of evap. milk to mix with the drippings from the lean meat .. add a little sour cream to that and another can of mushrooms … awesome!

  23. Clay Williamson

    Great recipe Hank. Delicious. Thanks much.

  24. Janet

    This blew our minds. Soooooooooooo good. Yes, please.

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