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3 responses to “Wood Duck and Acorn Dumplings”

  1. Peggy

    This looks great Hank! I’m gonna have to try to get my hands on some acorn flour, for sure!

  2. Steve

    Hey Hank,

    Great looking recipe. I went duck hunting for the first time last weekend (thanks in large part to your blog/books). The morning was perfect. In the purple dawn we could see flights coming in from Leech Lake to land in the pothole we had staked-out. I walked back to the truck with two wood ducks and a mallard. I’m going to cook the wood duck breasts tonight.

    Totally hooked.

  3. Kevin Harvey

    Do you have any other favorite wood duck recipes or methods? I shoot many of them and have yet to find a favorite way to prepare them. They seem a bit too lean and mild for whole roasting.

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