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4 responses to “Goose Bockwurst”

  1. Wesley Levy

    This looks like a good recipe for sausage. I have a friend at work that does a lot of goose hunting. Maybe i’ll be able to convince him to give me some of the meat so I can give this a try.


  2. Pamela Stephens-Karnes

    We have 34 snow/ross my husband got this morning (I had to work, bummed). I’m going to try this. Can the ingredients be doubled across the board?

    Thanks, Hank. Hope you made it back from Austin safely. Happy Trails.
    Pam and Redbeard’s Taxidermy

  3. Pamela Stephens-Karnes

    Great. I should have the casings in the next day or two. Thanks a bunch!

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