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9 responses to “Homemade Wild ‘Clif’ Bars”

  1. Shirley @ gfe & All Gluten-Free Desserts

    I love that these bars are naturally gluten-free, Hank. We gf’ers just have to be sure to use gluten-free oats and that’s easy to do. Thanks so much for the recipe. Hope the final leg of your tour goes well!


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    […] this recipe from Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook should satisfy your needs. The recipe can be found here. The recipe makes between 8 and 12 bars, and contains peanuts, wild rice, oatmeal, chocolate chips, […]

  3. Justin

    Can you provide any substitutions for the dates and mesquite bean flour or flaxseed?? I have a large number of food allergies I need to be careful with.

  4. Guy B.


    This high energy Wild ‘Clif” bars reminds me of the Pemmican made by Native Americans, minus the protein & fat of course. Since you are a connoisseur of natural fats, what about your own spin on the original protein bar, pemmican? Duck Fat Pemmican anyone? Not recommending them for the road, as you are probably not exactly burning the calories in your truck seat, but would be good in the pack for a day of Elk hunting in the high sierras. Thanks for the post.


  5. Dorrie

    We made these last night so Joe could take them to the radio show this morning – he used them for the Good Food segment. We used flaxseed meal, honey, and some of the hickory nuts we have been shelling. Excellent. I’m going to try substituting some dried blueberries and cherries for the choc. chips next time. Thanks for the recipe, and happy travels!

  6. emily


    Thank you for this recipe! I tried making it yesterday, but had trouble with the ingredients not sticking together in the pan (the bars fall apart when I try to take them out). I even added extra peanut butter for more sticky effect. Should the honey/peanut butter mixture have been more liquidy?

    Any suggestions?


  7. Jen

    I’m always looking for better homemade bar recipes, and these look amazing.

    Do you have any suggestions for those of us who are both gluten free and have issues with oats (GF ones are difficult to find here, so I haven’t tried that work-around yet)? I could use quinoa flakes, but I doubt they would work as well as a filler.

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