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13 responses to “Smoked Mussels”

  1. Joel

    Thank you, Hank. I am so doing this on my BGE. I can get a great deal on farmed mussels at Costco, which they unfortunately plastic wrap. Doesn’t that kill them faster?

  2. Amber

    Oh dear. I love mussels and clams. But I live in the Midwest, and they’re so expensive. Maybe this summer I can get some freshwater ones.

  3. Brad

    Amber, I live in Minnesota and Costco usually sells live Canadian mussels (5 lbs bags) for $1.99/lb! Be careful with the freshwater ones. A lot of them are endangered (at least here they are)

  4. Shane King

    I just tried this for the first time. I did two things slightly differently. I used an aquarium bubbler in the bucket to keep the water oxygenated for the few days before smoking. And I have beehive and more honey than I know what to do with, so I made a honey salt brine to soak them in for a few hours before smoking. And the smoke was plum wood chips and dried banana leaves. Insanely delicious! Some do still have a little grit in them though. I gotta figure out how to get them to purge that grit.

  5. kyle

    Shane, YOu mentioned about getting them to purge the grit. When they are still alive put them in a bucket of water mixed with cornmeal. they will purge the sand and retain the cornmeal. Sometimes you have to switch from water to cornmeal solution a few time but generally after 2-3 swap outs there is no grit. Hope that helps.

  6. Pat

    Thanks they were yum, hey try them in tin foil with garlic butter, chilli cumin, parsley, curry powder & red capiscum, wrap them uncooked in shells about 10 at a time & do them on a hoy BBQ for 7 mins per side, yum! Mussels very cheap in NZ & Aussie, very spoiled we are.

  7. Carla White

    This is OUTSTANDING. Just pulled ’em off the smoker! Dang, they’re good! Doing the pure version with just olive oil for this maiden voyage, might play with adding some spices in the future. Thank you, Hank!!

  8. Alexandre Mello

    No salt/ When do you put it?

  9. Bobby Martins

    Hi Hank,

    You got some amazing recipes on here and I have enjoyed following your recipes.

    Just needed to know on the storage life as I have a restaurant and would love to make them and store it away. Is it a week in the fridge and longer in the freezer if so how long can they be kept? if there is any preserve that could be used to extend its shelf life please do let me know.

    Thanks Again

    Bobby Martins

  10. Nic Neufeld

    Since you cook these prior, I wonder if they would be good candidates for cold smoking? I’ve rediscovered my old Pro-Q cold smoker recently for cheese (so much better than usual commercial “smoked” cheese), and if you cooked, chilled, and then cold smoked them on a refrigerator-cold day (if you have those in California!), you might get a purer woodsmoke flavor without any additional cooking. But I don’t know, the hot-smoking method might impart some nice additional flavors / browning. I usually get very little colouration from cold-smoking (vs hot-smoking).

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