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13 responses to “Duck Heart Tartare Puttanesca”

  1. Lou

    That’s just offal.


  2. Lou

    j/k, obviously. 😮

  3. Michael

    What would you think of this with goose hearts? I happen to have a handful…

  4. Mark

    Would It matter if I did a combination, say goose and duck or duck and pheasant.

  5. Annie

    Love the “offal” joke. I gotta share that with my foodie friends. 😀

  6. Mike F

    Have you tried this with lamb hearts, by any chance?

  7. Jim

    Thank you for this recipe….we have ptarmigan up here in kodiak and tartare with the dark, dark meat of the hearts is venison elevated. Amazing….

  8. Kristine Worseth

    I’m having some language-issues here – by red pepper, do you mean chili or bell pepper?

  9. Brian Yelton

    Do you think this would work well with deer loin? Also, why do you add the lemon, oil and herbs last? Is that right before you serve? Lastly, on the fresh chile, is that a hot chili?

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