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11 responses to “Walleye Minot: Why Not?”

  1. Mike

    Barley Risotto… Outstanding!

  2. Jack

    The dish sounds delicious but I respectfully disagree with your using live minnows to catch the walleye. It is cruel to the minnows and unnecessary when an artificial, the leadhead with a curly tail, is an effective lure. Livebaiting was the sort of thing I did as a child, when I knew no better.

  3. Tina Street

    I LOVE walleye. Used to be the highlight of business trips to Fargo. Thank you for this idea, and the techniques, especially the stock.

  4. Steve

    I can’t wait to make this recipe. I have a ton of highbush cranberries in the fridge from a grouse hunting outing this fall and I’ve wanted to make chicharron’s since I saw your recipe, then another method on Mind of a Chef. And considering the cabin is on a wild rice producing lake with a healthy walleye population…well, this recipe is pretty much made for me. Thanks!

  5. Kyle

    @Jack Trolling a little mate? ‘spose it’d be cruel to eat the walleye too.

    Mmmm…never had a fish skin chicharron, sounds awesome.

    Side note, looking forward to your Davis book signing in a couple of days Hank 🙂

  6. Jack

    With respect, you cannot say ‘to each his own’ and at the same time ask for respect to be paid to the animals, birds and fish which we hunt. In England we have driven-pheasant shoots on some estates of 800-bird days. It is rumoured that the dead birds are buried in pits at the end of the day because there is no market for them. Would you take part in such a shoot or say ‘to each his own’ about it? My shooting and fishing motto is ‘if you are not going to eat it, don’t kill it’. Even minnows deserve the respect of not being stuck through the belly with a hook to catch walleye when an artificial lure will do the job just as well. Incidentally, I was fishing with an artificial minnow yesterday.
    with best wishes,

  7. Jack

    First, in response to Kyle, I am not ‘trolling’. You have my e-mail address, you know my full name and where I live, I hope that I am having a genuine conversation with you.
    Secondly, I half-understand your saying ‘to each his own’. I understand the libertarian-argument half. The half which I do not understand is that you respect, for example, seasons and hunting tags which are man made laws about hunting but you give the individual freedom to do as he pleases. I do not think that you can fully reconcile these positions.
    Thirdly,your readers do care about what you write. Please recall the response to ‘An Awful Mercy’ which you posted on 25 October 2013.

  8. Jack

    Re-reading my emails to you, I can hear a rather ‘hectoring’ tone. I apologise for that tone. Your postings continue to give me great pleasure and an insight into a different way of life.

  9. Steve and Paula Engelhardt

    We made it for supper tonight. A couple of North Dakotans misplaced to WI. ND walleye and barley. WI elderberry sauce and beer. It doesn’t get any better than that! Oh, and it was GREAT!

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