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Weston Meat Grinder Giveaway!

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UPDATE: 12/4/13 – And the winner of the Weston Products Meat Grinder giveaway is… Guy Balestrieri! Congratulations Guy! I tallied up all the entries sent to me via email, on Hunter Angler Gardener Cook and on my HAGC Facebook page, then entered that into a random number generator. Guy’s number came up! Thank you to everyone who entered, and congrats again to Guy!

I have done exactly one giveaway here on Hunter Angler Gardener Cook in the past seven years. Mostly this is because I typically don’t deal with foods you can actually buy. But it occurred to me that doing a giveaway for some sort of equipment you might need to make the recipes on this website — and in my books — might be a great idea. So here we go.

One piece of equipment that’s vital to what I do is a meat grinder. Mostly I use it for sausage making and charcuterie, but having a meat grinder around means you never need to buy pre-ground meat again. Remember that most cases of food poisoning in meats come from tainted, pre-ground meat people buy at the store: Grinding your own goes a long way toward eating safer ground meat. Having a meat grinder also means making meatballs, burgers, sausage patties and meatloaf is a cinch. I use mine almost every week when I am not on the road.

Hank-Comm-GrinderSo, to celebrate the official release of Duck, Duck, Goose: The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Waterfowl, Both Farmed and Wild, I am giving away a real deal meat grinder: A Weston Products commercial grade, all-metal (including the gears), 1/2 horsepower grinder capable of grinding 4 to 6 pounds of meat per minute; I can assure you it will make short work of virtually anything you ask it to do in a home setting. This puppy retails at about $375.

You don’t technically need to buy anything to enter the giveaway — but to enter, you do need to:

Take a photo of yourself with a copy of Duck, Duck, Goose, either your own copy of someone else’s, and post it with something along the lines of: “I love making sausage and would very much like to use a Weston grinder to do it.”

(Weston is being nice enough to donate the grinder for this giveaway, so they deserve a little love, right?)

Where do you post it? One of three places:

That’s it! Photos don’t need to be anything special – a phone photo will work just fine. But only original photos will be accepted, so the photo must be yours! You also don’t have to show your face if you don’t want to, but it would make it a lot more fun if we can see you smile.

I will choose one winner at random and announce that person on my Facebook page on December 4, 2013. For other details and legal what-have-you, please refer to the official contest rules.

Good luck!

43 responses to “Weston Meat Grinder Giveaway!”

  1. Dave Brannen

    Cant wait to see you in Lexington!

  2. Erika

    Hi Hank – great idea! When is the deadline for entries? Is it midnight, Dec. 3rd, or something earlier? I didn’t see this info in the rules. Thanks!

  3. Jason

    What if we’d purchased a kindle copy of the book? Would we be able to take a pic of the title page on the kindle for this?

  4. Steven Peterson

    “I love making sausage and would very much like to use a Weston grinder to do it.”

    Thanks for your website and blog. I’ve been following along for a couple of years now. The book is a fantastic follow up to Hunt, Gather, Cook.

    Sorry, can’t figure out how to post/attach a photo to this comment…

  5. Rau

    Id love a chance to win that.

  6. Rau

    BTW I love the your site, Im on it almost daily

  7. Thomas Janes

    Old grinder kaput-would love to win this!

  8. Teri Selbicky

    I would LOVE to win this. My husband would love it even more! Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. Shelly

    I’d love to have my husband stop complaining about how small he has to chop the meat before putting it in our little grinder. Did I mention I’m having bear & duck sausage for breakfast? Thanks!

  10. Jocelyn peel

    Oh I can only think of all the tasty meats to mix and make and cook yummy nom nom nom :D

  11. Bradley Carleton

    My old Waring PRO just kicked the bucket and I’ve got 30lbs of goose legs and 10lbs of pork fat to make smoked andouille goose sausages! I’m in! Photo to come!

  12. billy hilbers

    have a hand grinder would love to win this one i grind all my meat by hand

  13. Chuck Treuter

    This grinder looks like a real winner. I have been using a Kitchen Aid for years, but have never been happy with it because the plastic parts keep breaking, and are very expensive to replace.

    My wife and I make nearly ALL of our sausage and ground meat.

    PS: Your website is one of the very few I read, because I can relate to it. I have been an avid fisherman and hunter for about 60 years — and an avid cook for about 25 years.

  14. Thad

    Would go great with my new smoker! Don’t know how to post a photo here …

  15. Will


    I have used your first book and recipes from your website to make a variety of sausages. I have a vintage mixer from the 1950s that I have used to grind a lot of meat, but it is growing tired and is quite slow. I would really love to use a brand new Weston Meat Grinder for making sausage and processing the wild game I harvest throughout the year.

    I attended the book dinner at Range in DC and enjoyed meeting you. Excellent food and a great evening all around.

    I will send the photo to your email address, as I can not figure out how to post it here.

    All the Best,



    would love to win it !!



  18. Rich

    WOW! I would use this one everyday, even if I had to give away meat to my neighbors! WOW!!!

  19. Fred

    Looking forward to making sausages!

  20. AndrewM

    I’ve wanted to start processing my own wild game for quite a while. Now that I’ve begun learning from Hank Shaw how it needs to be done, all I lack is a Weston grinder! Thanks to my friends that went to Hank’s book event in Kansas City, I can enter the competition!


  21. AndrewM

    Let’s try this again….this time without the img tags

  22. lynn gatchell

    Have been making sausage for a couple of years. I enjoy it a lot. Would love to have a new grinder as I make lot of sausage for friends and family. I just retired in April and have a lot of time to do this. The one I have now is a small one and it takes a long time to grind much meat.

  23. Tessa Sarvay

    We would love to win this! We just made a beautiful merguez lamb and pork sausage over the weekend and my poor husband is still using an old-timey hand crank. It must be from the 50’s and sturdy, but hard on time. Attaching a picture soon.
    Love this blog!
    Tessa Sarvay
    Sarvay Farm

  24. Ryan Cokerham

    I have been making burger and sausage for several years. I have moved from a manual grinder to a plastic cheapo electric grinder. I expect it to quit working about 1/3 of a way through a deer in the next couple of months. I’d be thrilled to win this Weston grinder.

  25. DW

    Wonderful offer, and I would love to make an entry, and, like a commenter above, I have it on Kindle. (Also, have the book on my Wish list.. we will see what Christmas brings…)
    Do you have a suggestion for those of us that have the ebook?


  26. Drew

    YES! I hate looking at the sausage recipes at the WF meat counter thinking “I could do better.”

  27. Kim Hudson

    This would be awesome for my husband who processes all of his venison. A lot bigger and I’m sure a lot faster than the one he’s been using for the last 5 years. Got my fingers crossed.

  28. Patricia Skorupa

    Hank, I just returned from a 60th birthday trip to London, Edinburgh & Paris, where duck had a starring role in several dinners. The Powdered Duck Breast (c.1670) from Dinner by Heston Blumenthal (With smoked confit fennel & umbles) was amazing, but was no more delicious than your Smoked Duck recipe from Duck, Duck, Goose.

    I will try to take a photo of me, my husband Joe, or our duck dogs with your book, but here is a link to my Facebook photo right after we received our copy of Duck, Duck, Goose.

    We would love to have a Weston grinder to use for our sausages (poultry and venison.) While our Kitchenaid does the job well enough, the Weston’s professional features are very appealing.

    Here’s the link to our photo. Domestic and shot mallard. Goose & venison in the freezer. –

  29. Indian George

    Sweet grinder.

  30. billy hilbers

    would love to win have the hand grinder

  31. Kim

    Hi Hank! I can’t figure out how to post a photo here, so I entered on Weston’s facebook page.

    Thanks again for the opportunity to win this. It’d be awesome to upgrade from my current “use sharp knife to mince meat by hand” method.


  32. JCH

    This would be great to win.

  33. Ron Davis

    I so need one of these bad babies.

  34. manfred

    I need to photo it! But my duck Galantine, Won two awards. Chef Mumf!

  35. joe harben

    That meat grinder would be put to good use! You are a true inspiration for all that enjoy the outdoors. Thanks Joe

  36. Jen

    My husband just moved and somehow lost our meat grinder, with two deer in the freezer a new meat grinder would be great. Also, thanks for the article on hanging pheasants, we have at least 50 out in our field so need to harvest a few. :)

  37. Steve Pappas

    in need of one bad!!!

  38. Nathan Hammer

    “I love making sausage and would very much like to use a Weston grinder to do it.”


    “I want that Weston Meat Grinder”

  40. Ron

    That Weston meat grinder will make some fantastic duck sausage!

  41. B

    We would love to have the Weston grinder. Thanks Weston.
    But, we don’t have a picture to send you , aren’t on Facebook no cell phone. Guess we are out of luck. Congrats to the winner though. Great blog !

  42. Cory Baughman

    Hank, I just wanted to say I love the new book duck duck goose. Not only am I a avid hunter an fisherman, I am also an up in coming butcher at sea island resorts in Georgia. You inspire me more an more with the food an recipes you work with. I can’t wait to see more recipes you come up with. I really want to focus more on charcuterie an sausages in my future if you have any advice please share. With that in mind I would love nothing more than to win A Weston Products meat grinder. With that in mind best of luck an fair hunting.

  43. steven

    This contest is over right ? I got the pic

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