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Weston Meat Grinder Giveaway!

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UPDATE: 12/4/13 — And the winner of the Weston Products Meat Grinder giveaway is… Guy Balestrieri! Congratulations Guy! I tallied up all the entries sent to me via email, on Hunter Angler Gardener Cook and on my HAGC Facebook page, then entered that into a random number generator. Guy’s number came up! Thank you to everyone who entered, and congrats again to Guy!

I have done exactly one giveaway here on Hunter Angler Gardener Cook in the past seven years. Mostly this is because I typically don’t deal with foods you can actually buy. But it occurred to me that doing a giveaway for some sort of equipment you might need to make the recipes on this website — and in my books — might be a great idea. So here we go.

One piece of equipment that’s vital to what I do is a meat grinder. Mostly I use it for sausage making and charcuterie, but having a meat grinder around means you never need to buy pre-ground meat again. Remember that most cases of food poisoning in meats come from tainted, pre-ground meat people buy at the store: Grinding your own goes a long way toward eating safer ground meat. Having a meat grinder also means making meatballs, burgers, sausage patties and meatloaf is a cinch. I use mine almost every week when I am not on the road.

Hank-Comm-GrinderSo, to celebrate the official release of Duck, Duck, Goose: The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Waterfowl, Both Farmed and Wild, I am giving away a real deal meat grinder: A Weston Products commercial grade, all-metal (including the gears), 1/2 horsepower grinder capable of grinding 4 to 6 pounds of meat per minute; I can assure you it will make short work of virtually anything you ask it to do in a home setting. This puppy retails at about $375.

You don’t technically need to buy anything to enter the giveaway — but to enter, you do need to:

Take a photo of yourself with a copy of Duck, Duck, Goose, either your own copy of someone else’s, and post it with something along the lines of: “I love making sausage and would very much like to use a Weston grinder to do it.”

(Weston is being nice enough to donate the grinder for this giveaway, so they deserve a little love, right?)

Where do you post it? One of three places:

That’s it! Photos don’t need to be anything special – a phone photo will work just fine. But only original photos will be accepted, so the photo must be yours! You also don’t have to show your face if you don’t want to, but it would make it a lot more fun if we can see you smile.

I will choose one winner at random and announce that person on my Facebook page on December 4, 2013. For other details and legal what-have-you, please refer to the official contest rules.

Good luck!

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