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4 responses to “Duck Breast with Wild Rice Pilaf”

  1. Amber

    When I make duck soup, I like to add wild rice to it, instead of noodles. Though, I have yet to actually harvest any wild rice. On purpose that is. When we make excursions up north to almost-the-UP, we paddle through it in our canoe, and it gets knocked into the bottom of the boat. I’m still at a loss for how to thresh that stuff, so I use the kind from the grocery store. If we get some honest-to-goodness wild rice next year, I’ll have to try a pilaf.

  2. Tom Dickson

    I return to this page again and again to cook this combination of recipes. In part just to gaze at the exquisite photograph by H. Heyser. That plate. Those carrots. The rice. Oh, yes, and the perfect duck breasts. One of my favorite ways to combine my favorite flavors and colors. Now if only I can find that plate in an antique store in Helena…

  3. Ben Grammar

    Goose breast with wild rice pilaf was A+
    Goose legs with leeks was A

    Thanks for sharing

    Ben Grammar
    Palo Alto, Calif

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