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24 responses to “Acorn Maple Shortbread Cookies”

  1. Saskia

    oh my this sounds absolutely perfect for my first ever batch of home made acorn flour, which btw is still losing the tannins in the fridge (day 2) another recipe I found here only yesterday!
    I do have a question for you: can I use the flour once it’s lost the tannins by the end of the week, as is, i.e. without drying or does it have to be dried first?

  2. Christine

    These cookies sound wonderful! I can’t wait to give them a try. It’s been a stellar year for acorns here in the Northeast. Thank you, Hank!!

  3. Laura

    I’m making these completely gluten-free with some of the odd flours I have on hand. I’ll report back.

    I’d make them with acorns but I am far too lazy for all of that. Now if SOMEONE would send his sister some acorn flour, that’d be another story 😉

    Stay safe driving! xoxo

  4. Jessa

    I have ALL THE INGREDIENTS for those. OMG. I will be making them this weekend. Adding black walnuts: good idea/bad idea?

    I’m assuming you fully dry your flour when you make it? I always have, but my roommate stores it still wet and freezes it. Are there merits to one way or the other? My decision has always been about limited freezer space rather than quality.

  5. mikio

    great idea. gonna try making these with the kids! thanks!

  6. Peggy

    I can only imagine how great these cookies taste with the nuttiness from the acorn flour!

  7. Adir

    These sound delightful, and I am utterly intrigued by the idea of acorn flour!It is something I have never tasted.

  8. Coco in the Kitchen

    Hi, Hank.
    Is acorn flour available anywhere for purchase or do I have to make my own?

  9. Mike

    Bob’s Red Mill sells hazelnut flour and I have almond flour on hand. Has anyone tried either of those?

  10. Coco in the Kitchen

    Almond meal is basically ground almonds with the oil removed.
    I use it all the time to make my blueberry almond cake

    I’m not sure if acorns contain as much oil as almonds,
    but my guess is that these shortbread cookies would be
    great with either hazelnut or almond meal.
    You know I’ll be doing a test batch for the holidays.

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  13. Eric Schoefer

    Hi Hank,
    I tried biscuit recipe. Mine turned into big buttery mess in oven. Didn’t look at all like yours. I substituted brown sugar for maple,
    but I don’t think that should make such a difference. Came out like a big flat cookie covering entire pan. My daughter still liked it, but I would like to taste the acorn more after all the work of making the flour. Ground is covered now in snow, but I guess we’ll have to gather and try again next year.

  14. Mad Scientist

    Do (would) you ever use acorn slices in the cookies as well? I’m going to try so make these cookies soon and am going for a little more visual aesthetics as well.


  15. Kate Bartho

    Hi Hank, I’ve really enjoyed reading through your acorn processing experiences and this year is my first time working on my own. I’ve tried two different batches of the shortbread cookies and had the same problem as Eric Shoefer above. My cookies melted very flat in the oven, almost completely covering the pan. They are quite tasty, but more like a buttery crispy wafer than a cookie. It is almost as if the proportion of butter is too high, and just melts in the oven even though I refrigerated the dough. I tried one batch with an all-purpose gluten free flour and the second batch with white wheat flour. Any thoughts on how to achieve a more voluminous acorn shortbread cookie? I’ll definitely be experimenting a bit more on my own. Thank you!

  16. John

    Made these yesterday from a bucket of acorns that my kids gathered. They turned out great! The acorns i had were three or four different varieties so there was quite a bit of leaching to do. I froze them first, shelled them, and then soaked the whole in a bucket for a couple of days, changing the water a couple of times a day. Huge amounts of tannin came out of them. I then pureed them with some water into a thick bater like consistency and added more water to float off more tannin. I used the flour water but added little more flour (probably 60:40). I used a stoneground whole flour which always soaks up more moisture anyway. It’s a bit of effort but they are very good biscuits. Friends and family have been astounded. My six year old son is especially happy that his foraging has been put to good use.

    Going to try your acorn cake next with the remaining flour.

    Great website! Definitely my favourite hunting/gathering site. Keep up the great work!



  17. Aaron

    Thanks for the recipe. O:-)

  18. Kevin Sadaj

    Thank you for demystifying the great and humble acorn for me! I always just assumed that the tannin content made it unsuitable for humans. I harvested 15 or so pounds of acorns with the thought that I’d feed the squirrels and deer a bit this winter then got the idea of eating them.

    Your articles and recipes encouraged me to try it. I was amazed at how good they are and how relatively easy it is to convert them to good food.

    Thanks much! I just made the butter cookies for my German club’s fall festival. They are excellent. I made them directly with wet flour and they turned out great. I just increased the bake time by 6 minutes.

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