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12 responses to “Venison Lasagna”

  1. Ricardo Rodríguez

    This definitively deserves a try, can´t wait.

  2. Ricardo Rodríguez

    This definitively deserves a try, can´t wait.
    Thanks a lot. And good luck in your book trip.

  3. Erika

    This sounds fantastic! I am a bit concerned it won’t all fit in any 9 x 13 pan that I own, though. I’ll splurge on a foil lasagna pan, make it all fancy. 😉

  4. Sid

    Good one. See you @ Upperline in NOLA on 1-22-14. Sid

  5. Brian W

    I love lasagna, I really never follow a recipe but that is what makes everyone’s a little different. I always add a couple of eggs to my ricotta and that helps hold the whole she-bang together when you cut it out of the pan. And for whatever reason, I really like the flat noodles without the frilly stuff.

  6. Kate @ Our Little Sins

    We had no Italian influences growing up in Melbourne, Australia but lasagne/lasagna (still not sure!?) was still a staple, but a special staple because my working mother didn’t always have the time. I’m fascinated with the different ingredients people use… If I make mine my favourite way it’s a combo of pork/beef, and has bacon, beet and celery in the meat sauce – it makes it so flavourful and rich. But funnily enough, I’ve never added ricotta. Can’t wait to try your version and see what my husband thinks!

  7. Allyson

    Hmm, I was thinking about moose lasagna for dinner tonight! My lasagna is usually pretty similar. I’ll often use some cottage cheese to make the ricotta go further; I typically put a couple eggs and some basil in the ricotta. And I like lots of fennel! I’m not fond of onions, so I usually use sweet onions that I’ve caramelized, so they have a milder, richer flavor. I haven’t tried nutmeg with the ricotta, but I love a grating of nutmeg on my alfredo sauce, so that sounds good. Oh, and since it’s a fair bit of work, I always make two pans: one for dinner and one for the freezer (a glass pan for that).

  8. Steal Away North

    We’ll see how this goes with moose!

  9. stacy harris

    Love, Love, Love this recipe!! This looks amazing! Congrats on your new book. It is doing great, but that is no surprise.

  10. will

    I’m assuming the sugar gets added to the sauce, not ricotta? Making it today and cooked the sauce yesterday and I don’t think it would be hurt by some sweetness……

  11. dan carlson

    when using venison, do you use straight venison, or is it 80% venison and 20% pork fat?

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