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13 responses to “Grilled Pigeons Egyptian Style”

  1. tal

    Is that a Lodge cast iron grill? Like it?

  2. Guy B.


    Right on! It is true that during dove season the opportunity for country raised “feral” pigeons is there. How do i know?, you ask. Because while hunting dove opener at a local Ranch, we also bagged some pigeons. Although I am sure pigeons are tougher than doves, we (my dad and friend) had no problem dropping them out of the sky with No. 8s and a wide open choke. Killed 3 with three shells in the morning at 35 yards and then while waiting out the doves in the afternoon heat, a single pigeon flew by us and my father commented that “only a stud could drop that bird out that far?”, the bird was quartering away at 50+ yards. I pulled up, lead the bird, and squeezed off one shot…needless to say, I must be a stud. Stoned him! It was a lucky shot and in the moment, but with the words my dad uttered still in the air, he turned and said, “Nice shot stud!” and we all had a laugh. Will have to try this recipe. I have done quail under brick and they were delicious. Thanks and to good hunting.


  3. Janine

    I love pigeon! I’ve made the traditional ‘Mrs Beeton’ version of pigeon pie (minus scalded feet sticking out of the top of the pastry though!) but mainly I just breast the birds and give the back and legs to my dogs. Pigeon breast, seared, juices still flowing, with seared spinach and just a sprinkle of freshly ground pepper is heaven on a plate! Sometimes there are ferals mixed in with the flock when we shoot woodpigeons and they taste just as good. Woodpigeons are a major crop pest here but not generally sold unless you go to a fancy restaurant, so I’m lucky I get them all year ’round

  4. Peter Syapin

    We don’t get pigeons with our doves in West Texas, but the Eurasian dove can get close to a pigeon in size and are also tough to bring down. Shot 3 Eurasians so far this season. Looking forward to using them in this recipe. Sounds delicious.

  5. Guy B.


    Out here in Cali those Eurasian don’t even count toward the 10 dove limit and yes they are significantly bigger than the morning dove, but just as tasty! Hey limitless flying meat, who wouldn’t like that?


  6. Jeff @ Cheeseburger

    This grilled pigeon recipe looks very exotically delicious!

  7. E. Nassar

    Heading to do some dove shooting on the 21st. I’ll certainly keep an eye out and hope for some pigeons as well. In Lebanon, similar to what Egyptians do, many people raise pigeons in coops for the table. They are delicious grilled and are great basted with pomegranate molasses.

  8. Doug

    I can’t wait to try this. I’m new to California but not dove hunting. I was excited to hear that Imperial county is open to hunt Eurasian Collared Doves all year with no limit. We were VERY successful our first weekend and I have a feeling we’ll be eating a LOT of doves this fall and winter. Keep the dove recipes coming!

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  10. Tim Suchocki

    This looks delicious, Hank. Can’t wait to get out and shoot a few and get them on the grill!

  11. charles lindstrom

    In Queensland, Australia we shoot topknot pigeons and savour a ragout of pigeon, they are delicately gamey and tender, also bronzewing pigeon. In Egypt I love the grilled pigeon prepared as for spatchcock with the spices you list at the top, but I am sure there was honey glaze making it even more delicious. Egypt has huge cone shaped pigeon coops 2 stories tall everywhere, so they are chosen for tender flesh.

  12. Nick

    I love your website, I hunt pigeons year round with my slingshot so I eat pigeons all year and I love to try new recipes.


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