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14 responses to “French Fried Frog Legs”

  1. Andy

    Man I love to gig frogs. Was the habitat you were in swampy at all? Its hard for me to picture Lake Tahoe being swamp like, and hard to picture bull frogs living in pristine water. That would make frog gigging even more fun. Good post.

  2. Holly Heyser

    Andy, we have bullfrogs all over the place! When I was a kid, I’d catch ’em in irrigation ditches where I lived in the San Joaquin Valley – farm country. My mom has them in her little seasonal creek and pond in the foothills too. No swamp necessary!

  3. Amber

    I bought some frog legs at the grocery store a while back, and they were awesome. I used to catch them as a kid in the gravel pit-turned-pond next to the wooded lot my folks owned. We had mostly no idea what to do with them once we got them, though. We knew you could eat frog legs, but killing the frogs we caught never crossed our minds.

    I’d love to gig for them here, but most of the habitat is, as Andy mentions, swampy. Last year, my boyfriend fell chest deep into a sinkhole, and I got stuck hip-deep in thick, sticky mud. Nearly dislocated said hip, and I know people who *have* dislocated hips in swamp mud. It makes me wary to go giggin’.

  4. Mike Dwyer

    “The Cajuns just grab their frogs. I prefer to kill at a gentlemanly distance.”,/I>

    I told you! Gentlemen use gigs!

  5. Suburban Bushwacker

    A great report Hank, seriously making me want to go to the Asian supermarket to get some. None of a gigable size on this side of the pond

  6. Tyler Burgess

    Which one was the prince?

  7. Craig Sanders

    Love frog legs, used to go giggin when I was a teen. You can use a pole with a hook and a piece of colored cloth too. The will jump and catch it. Legal to use a .22 as well.

  8. Frog Giggin ?

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  9. Steve

    The last time I harvested a bull frog was back in the early 80’s. I was renting a farm house in MD with a pond. One night about 2am, I heard him croak. I knew right away what it was and that it was big. I got my .22 rifle and a flash light. I waited for him to croak, turned the flashlight on him and bang. Right through the throat and out the top of the head. The impact knocked him up onto the bank so I didn’t even have to get my hands wet. Sauted the big guy up in butter and made an froggy omelet for breakfast. Best omelet I’ve ever eaten.

  10. jerry

    Can you tell me exactly where you gig the bullfrogs? Only if you remember. Lol. My buddy got me into giggin bullfrogs, so I went and bought myself a cheap crossbow with 2 reel, some retriever bolts and a hand full of target bolts. We’d been going to Mendota and the canel nearby. We’ve been giggin some pretty fat ones. We’ve been giggin for 2 months straight and noticing the Bullfrogs are getting smaller by the week. So we need to conserve those bullfrogs so they can produce more frogs and allow them to get fat. I’ve been looking around to find a good spots to giggs some fat frogs. I would love to travel to Lake Tahoe to gigg some pretty big frogs..

  11. Jay Lott

    Here is some essential literature if you are hunting frogs. You may be late for your frog hunt after reading these because you will not be able to stop laughing:
    1. Fair Play for Frogs,
    2. The frog episode in Steinbeck’s Cannery Row.

  12. Reid

    Shot, cooked, and ate my first batch of frog legs today. I used your recipe and the legs tasted delicious. Can’t wait to get back out there and gather some more frogs.

  13. Frog Legs, French Style with Mushrooms | Of Goats and Greens

    […] recipe I looked at for inspiration:  French Fried Frog Legs, by Hank Shaw, the author of those wonderful foraging cookbooks, Hunt, Gather, Cook and Duck, […]

  14. Anh Ryan

    I love Frog legs too. In December, my friends and I went to a Vietnamese Super Market in Santa Ana, California. We found frog legs on sales (5 pounds for $15.00). We cannot pass it. I bought a bag. They are in goo. size. I was too busy until today. I will tryout this recipe. Thank you for posting.

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