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12 responses to “Foraging for Gooseberries”

  1. Alexa

    Hey: I love making jelly out of them and it goes a treat with oily fish. I love your site!

  2. Stonedfury

    Just finished our annual 4/5 day camping trip in the Sequoias around in Frasier Mill. The gooseberries there are not yet ripe, as of July 26th, but soon they will be. We used to eat them as kids using needle nose pliers to hold while cutting open to turn inside out and Yum! Really great to see someone else who knows them and enjoys them as well.

    I will be there again in about a week or so and there should be a ton of them ripe. I will for sure be trying this recipe.

  3. Lou


  4. Kyle

    I was just up at French Meadows this weekend and finding a ton of unripe gooseberries, wondering how to prepare them. Thanks! I also saw remnants of an old porcini…guess they’d be found in the same place 🙂

  5. Ron

    Just finished the rest of a gooseberry pie tonight. Surprised how few people know about this plant. I haven’t come across too many recipes for them. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  6. gluttonforlife

    Fool! (Not you, the dessert!)

  7. Marlana Harrison

    Just did a quick search on gooseberries… have wandered around in my home 100 acres for 30 years, and have never seen this particular plant in either the swampy areas or the pine groves, nor have I seen it in any season up in Eastern Maine.

    Looks like anywhere that White Pine was an economic resource, ribes were eradicated until the 60’s.

  8. Kevin

    After boiling and cooling, my mom used to pour the semi cooked mush into a sheet which was tied to a broom handle and hung between two chairs. We kids would slowly spin the dangling mass, tighter and tighter, and squeeze the juice out into a pot waiting below.

    My mom died eight years ago, and I still associate the taste of these amazing (spiny) fruits with her sweet, gardener’s sense. So lovely to find others enjoying this treat.

  9. Brenda

    In Iowa. Never heard of a gooseberry until I moved into this house just outside of town and found this prickly bush that sits at the top of my stairs to the driveway. Of course Gramma had to tell me what they were. Thank God mine look like the ones in the top picture. I have battle scars from picking them! If they had looked like spiny ones in the next pic… I probably would’ve pulled ’em and gave up! (And I’m a pretty persistent person!).
    Anyway… we jam or pie the whole berry, seeds and all. Although, when I get tired of de-stemming & flowering them… they go in the pot for jelly 🙂

  10. Shawn Paschall

    My great aunt picked wild gooseberries in the Flint Hills of SE Kansas and made the very best pies I ever tasted. So tart and perfect. Thank you Aunt Lodie.

  11. Jerry Conley

    We recently gathered bunches of sierra gooseberries near yosemite national park trying various things…..any tips would be helpful…dry year so the berries were very inconsistent…..trying syrup first…yes there are very few resources for this wonderful berry


  12. Tyler P.


    I am trying to hunt down some gooseberries. I found one patch so far and that’s it. If you could contact me about details on how to hunt these (not your locations, but just general mountain ranges and such to check out) It would be appreciated! I want to try these again!


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