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55 responses to “Smoked Salmon Candy”

  1. Mariah

    Definitely found my salmon turned out too salty. I followed the recipe exactly, but the fish is so salty I now have to throw out the whole batch. And this isn’t a matter of preference; everyone would agree that it is too salty. Very disappointing. I also expected it to be sweeter. There was a tiny bit of sweetness on the outside from the maple syrup I’d spread on, but the inside had zero sweetness.

  2. Heeter

    What internal temperature should I go for?

  3. Marc Doust

    I do something very similar and use 2 lbs brown sugar and 1 cup kosher salt and it is a good mix of salt and sweet. About the post that was too salty, did you use Kosher salt and not table salt?

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