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92 responses to “Smoked Salmon Candy”

  1. Tom

    I use a honey/water glaze instead of the maple syrup and it seems to work well.

  2. Daren

    WOW!! Terrific recipe, only problem is the salmon only lasts about twenty minutes! I used a dehydrator to dry it instead of a fan, however follwed recipe. Real crowd pleaser!

  3. bbq jim

    Everything sounds really good. but don’t understand why your temps are that high. Wouldn’t it be better if smoked like your other fish recipe. Is there something I’m missing here. I understand going slow with the temp the first hour but stop at 180 to 225 is kinda high ain’t it? It will lose everything out of the meat won’t it? Just asking I don’t want to waste a slab of king salmon it takes a lot of money to go on my trips. Thanks for your time and insight. It’s wonderful. I’m glad I came across it. I cook bbq all the time I’m a one man team with lots of hrs under my belt. So if you need any info on ‘queuing let me know. I will share with you. Thanks, Jim

  4. Francis

    Trying this recipe for the first time. Have a Bradley 4 rack smoker with a temperature controller, so I should be able to control the heat at 180-200.

  5. Francis

    Thanks for a great salmon candy recipe Hank.It was great and is know my favorite. Living in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia we have great hunting and fishing areas that are well kept secrets, so we have fish and game all the time. Like the ideal of cutting the fish into 2-inch pieces making it easier to share with friends.

  6. Lynsie

    We bought salmon and realized that it didn’t have skin. Do you think the recipe will be affected?

  7. Fargo

    When you smoke with the skin on, which I understand is preferred, is it edible? I would think yes, as long as you make sure it’s properly scaled..? I’m giving it a shot this weekend so just thought I’d ask.

  8. Lisa

    For the drying it with the fan you say 2 hours and then you say overnight which one is it cause I am at this point where it is drying

  9. Sarah T

    This is a great recipe. I make it for my annual neighbourhood BBQ, and my only problem is keeping it in the smoker after the first two hours. I generally start with a full rack, and by the end its about half that.

  10. Laura

    Can I can it after it comes out of the smoker?

  11. cory

    How long do u smoke for? Should u start smoking right away??

  12. Laurie

    i have been making salmon candy for 20 yr, after being in the brine for 36hr, I then scewer the strips and hang them for 48hr, then off to the smoker at 75 degrees for 3-4 hr till dry

  13. Lillian Demoski

    always looking for new tricks/ideas. I use a brine that uses spicy rum – supposed to be Capt Morgan but Kirkland works, place on cookie racks on newspaper and dry with a fan. ,smoke @ 140 for a couple of hours and can them with some jalapeños for flavor. Wonderful.

  14. Jamie

    What kind of chips???

  15. Sockeye

    Letting the salmon sit for a couple hours before smoking allows it to get “tacky”, so it takes smoke better. Lower temperatures get more smoke into salmon. Because it is important to get the moisture out of the fish you must use heat, how much and how long is a personal preference and depends on your smoker and outside temperature. I can mine in jars in a pressure cooker, so this finishes it and also disintegrates any small bones. It has a long shelf life also. Try vacusealing your strips with sausage and cheese slices and storing in freezer until you are ready to eat.

  16. Aeriol

    So I have it in the brine but the recipe doesn’t mention water. The other smoked salmon recipe does. So have I done the right thing? I am just brining it in brown sugar and kosher salt. No water. Please let me know quickly if you can wouldn’t want to wreck 5 lbs of wild caught sockeye. I plan to try out the new smoker tomorrow. Thanks.

  17. Lillian S Demoski

    I’m going to try this as soon as I get some sockeye or silvers – my question is to cut strips across the fish vs up and down? I have a Masterbuilt I use for lightly smoking then jarring in 1/2 pints. It tends to get hot and my recipes usually call for 140* – worried about the 180-225* – cooks the fish vs smoking I thought. Thanks

  18. alaskaman

    I’ve been smoking fish for many years and MY salmon candy is NOT hot smoked. More like a ham, moist and flakes easily. It usually takes about a week the way I do it. Very much like kippered, wouldn’t waste king salmon hard smoking it. When that happens it’s dog treats ! oh well to each his own.

  19. Russ

    Costco wild sockeye seems a bit thin and did not get a good 2 inch thick cut but definitely can get a 2 inch wide chunk, next time I’m decreasing temp. Overall fun recipe and fine taste, although tweaked it a bit with cinnamon in dry cure and quarter cup soy in bast

  20. Charlie

    Great recipe, love it as is. However I’d love to try Alaskaman’s recipe, if he’d share it. Variety can be fun!

  21. Jen

    Do you know if this meets the minimum Water Phase Salt requirements for retail sale?

  22. Tara

    im wondering whats the difference if I use cherry chips to alder or any other kind is cherry ok, or what would you use?

  23. Neil

    In the time of smoking the candy how many pans of chip do you use, I use 2 to 2.5 when doing a regular smoke.

  24. Lee Rasore

    Hay Hank, You have had many questions about smoking salmon and one that I have noticed was about wood chips.If I may give anyone suggestions when smoking in a smoker. Find a friend with apple trees in their yard (preferably after they get done yielding apples)cut off a few sucker branches (1/2 to 2 inches around) they are the branches that shoot strait up, STRIP THE BARK, cut into one inch chunks. usually I throw a thicker piece in there incase the rest burns up quickly. You can use sour cherry, alder, plum, and keep them wet for best smoking.

  25. Lesley

    Great recipe I’m trying it now greetings from Belgium

  26. Chris Reisinger

    It’s “albumin,” not “albumen.” Common mistake.

    “the correct spelling is albumin with an “i.” … albumen is the term for egg whites. They’re two different things.”

  27. BD

    Kosher salt vs. ionized salt?!? Thoughts on this?!?

  28. leone

    I have salmon ready to go in the smoker…but i have only two types of wood bisquettes available. ..mesquite or apple..which would you suggest? Thanks for great instructions!

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