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13 responses to “German Fish Balls with Green Sauce”

  1. Andy

    Looks fantabulous.

  2. Matt

    I can’t wait to try this one.

  3. Terri Betz

    Awesomeness! Never had fish balls before! It sounds great! Making these for my German guy! Thanks!

  4. Erika

    These look great, but the name needs some work. 🙂 Maybe in French? Boulettes de poisson allemands à la sauce verte.

  5. Maria

    Never would have thought of this!! We just defrosted all 17 trout in the freezer to can (like tuna), but I’ll save some to try meatballs! Thanks for the great idea. Maybe I’ll even make a fish meatball soup.

  6. Catherine

    These sound lovely! Especially with the amaranth, sorrel, and other greens. Living as I do in a hotter-than-Germany climate, I still think I’ll check them out, thanks.

  7. PeterLee

    Looks good, Hank!

    For those who might not know, green sauces were popular all over Europe in the Middle Ages. So now they can be considered “living fossils” of sorts. Here’s a few medieval recipes.

  8. Katie

    I have to ask: where did you find that gorgeous dish? I love the detail in the pictures around the rim! On a related note, does anyone know what that style is called so I can look it up? Thanks in advance!

  9. BrianJ

    Made this recipe up last night with some bass and perch we had in the freezer. Fabulously delicious! Great stuff Hank!

  10. Steven

    Hank thanks for the idea – would this work with carp? (plain standard regular mid-west carp – not the silver/bighead/asian carp.


  11. Joe Keough

    After the coldest winter on record, the carp are finally spawning! I plan to whack a few tomorrow and try this recipe out. I will also can and smoke a few of them. By the way, today was the absolute best day of the new year! 70 degrees, low humidity, brisk breeze, bluebird skies with white, fluffy clouds. It really doesn’t get any better than this! (Allow me one more exclamation point; !)

  12. Chris

    This has been on my “too cook” list for a while. It was fantastic! If you are a fan of German flavors this is spectacular. But I think that there is a lot more to this recipe. The basic process can be used with a lot of different herbs to create a huge amount of regionally inspired dishes. As it stands, this dish is fantastic. It’s perfect for panfish, or in my case the lower (rib) portion of walleye fillets after I zipper them. Thanks Hank, another winner!

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