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5 responses to “Chinese Red Cooked Bear”

  1. Jordan

    Interesting timing – last night I attempted to recreate a pork belly and garlic bolt dish I ate years ago. While at college, my wife and I stopped in at a Hunan restaurant in Vancouver and it blew my mind, and our taste buds – it is a SPICY cusine. Wildly different than the Hong Kong style we associate with Chinese food. I’m going to have to check out that cook book!

  2. Dani

    After recently reading Rinella’s “Meat Eater” where he praises bear fat I have been planning to render the fat from our next black bear. Bear bacon is now added to ‘the list’ of things to try.

  3. Kelly Houston

    What is Chinese stock? Something I can make, hopefully, as Chinese packaged foods are pretty scarce in these parts…

  4. Jason

    Could you I pork shoulder or maybe you could suggest another appropriate cut? We made it with pork belly and it was delicious, but way too fatty, and I’m not usually someone to shy away from fat.

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