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9 responses to “Afterglow on Pyramid Lake”

  1. Matt

    So how did they taste? Any thoughts on preparation?

  2. Andy

    I’ve fished with surly guides as well. Always kind of odd. That’s a good looking fish.

  3. Phillip

    Used to be a regular stop after Burning Man. It’s a great place to wash off the dust, but you definitely want to get that Tribal permit. I always wondered about the fishing there, with all the alkali in the area.

    Really cool clay around that lake too… loaded with mica. Makes some neat pottery.

  4. Michael Greenberg

    Great writing, fun story. No wonder you won the Olympics… 🙂

    My friends insist on fishing from the shore out in Jersey, not far from where we live in Philly. Hopefully this will be the year that I can convince them to charter a boat. (All of your articles on various chartered trips with good fishing and great experiences have inspired me.) Maybe now we’ll catch something other than the odd ray!

  5. David

    Nice piece of writing Hank. Can’t wait to see what you do with that fish.

  6. Sarah | The Cyclist's Wife

    The area in and around Pyramid Lake reminds me of the surface of the moon. The only thing I regret from my trip there was not buying an Indian taco from a rickety stand on the roadside. Maybe you can make us some Indian Fish Tacos? 🙂

  7. Lang

    Good action, Hank. I’d like to throw a fly at one of those lunkers.

  8. Andrea Mynard

    Looks like a great trip – and a superb trout. Would love to know how you cooked it. Would be tempted to make some ceviche with a fish that fresh. You’re reminding me I still have lots of trout in the freezer from our fisherman friend, must cook trout soon.

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