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9 responses to “Swedish Spring Salmon with Vattlingon and Peas”

  1. David

    Nice Fish, beautiful dish. I’ll have to give the Vattlingon a go!

  2. deana

    So many great ideas. I am dying to try spruce buds since I love fir in food and drinks.
    Thanks for the recipe… that is one gorgeous fish!

  3. Deb Breuler

    I can’t wait for next years fresh cranberries

  4. Ann

    What a beautiful dish! I’m living in Finland now, so I’m going to try making Vattlingon with lingonberries as the forest is full of them in early Fall. Have you tried making this with frozen spruce tips? I still have a stash in the freezer, so I’ll give this a go with them to get started right away, and try again next Spring with my lingonberry Vattlingon. Thanks for the great recipe.

  5. mike

    Congratulations on winning the James Beard award!!!
    About about damn time!

  6. Shirley @ gfe & AGFD

    Fascinating info on the cranberries! And gorgeous dish for sure. I can never have enough salmon dishes.

    And, yes, HUGE CONGRATS on winning the James Beard Award for best individual food blog! So well deserved, Hank!


  7. jacob

    You are and always will be the direction we need to be looking and living in.

    Your fellow forager,

    Jake Moore

  8. Coco in the Kitchen

    Christmas on a plate!

    Such an elegantly simple recipe.
    It’s on our table tonight!

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