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3 responses to “Duck Breast with Turnips and Rye Spaetzle”

  1. glenn kelsey

    Mmm, rye spaetzle sounds good. When making it i use a large spoon or ladle and a teaspoon to scoop small amounts of spaetzle into the hot water as quick as you can. When i worked at a German restaurant many moons ago we would make lots of spaetzle and freeze it in fish tubs(tupperware) and it would keep well for weeks. We would thaw it, pull it out of the tubs by scraping handfuls into another container then fry it on the griddle in butter. Sounds like time to go out back and find a “donor” duck. Can’t wait for the book to try out more duck recipes, i may have to double or triple my breeding this year.

  2. Tanngrisnir3

    This. THIS!

  3. Connie Green

    I’m very glad that I was a witness to the spread of the spaetzle gospel. I love recipes like this that were born to spread among friends. It will always bring to mind a night of good company and great food. I know this is delicious now, but it’s going to taste like paradise when the first snows land.

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