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8 responses to “Salmon Rillettes”

  1. todd merkel

    This is one of my favorite ways to use up trimmings from springer salmon and smoked.

    Im guessing that you pulled these out of the willamette when you were in town last week?

    Next time you’re in pdx, say hi.. I’d love to show you some of the recipes I’ve made based on some of your stuff.


  2. Mike

    Sure would like to hear about your mustard pickling method.

  3. Mark

    I like this idea of using fish. I’ve only done rillettes by cooking the meat very long & slow in fat. Did a squirrel in lard last season. It sure wasn’t pork or duck but it wasn’t bad. I do need to try the salmon for sure.

  4. taylor (flour, water, dirt & rain)

    i love fish rilletes! i’ve a tasty recipe for an olive oil packed tuna version, totally addictive. i’ll give this a go too.

  5. meg

    Wow, this looks incredible! I would imagine salmon bellies would be particularly nice for this? Or maybe that’s just me craving salmon bellies!

  6. lindaraxa

    I have never seen a recipe for rilletes that is so simple. I’ve got to try this even if I don’t catch the salmon!

  7. Brian W

    I made some of this yesterday with some Rainbow trout I was needing to get out of the freezer. I hot smoked some of the fillets quickly and then followed the recipe with one exception. I added some rosemary in addition to the chives. It was amazing.

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