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10 responses to “Buttermilk Fried Quail”

  1. Erika

    I’m licking my monitor right now. =P~

  2. deana

    I am with Erika, splendid recipe for quail that often gets treated as fancy food –– look what you miss thinking of it that way!

  3. Ricardo Rodríguez

    Just wonderful!, and not that complicated at all.
    Just would love to have some quail right now.

  4. RG

    Thanks! I have been looking for a recipe for old fashioned fried quail. Do you leave the skin on if they are plucked?

  5. Dylan

    Holy cow! Tried this out on 4 store-bought “Texas A&M Gourmet” quail (not quail season just yet, here in Texas); Outstanding, sir! Best wishes on your book tour, and keep up the great work. Huge fan of all your game bird creations. Your site is an invaluable resource to any consumer of fish and game. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  6. Rose

    I made these last week with some quail that were left over from a hunt test. Amazing! I forgot the paprika and marinated them much longer than you recommended but they turned out great. Thanks for another great recipe to add to my arsenal. I just got your new book – can’t wait to try some of the waterfowl recipes now that the migration is starting. More goose recipes, please! :)

  7. Henry A. Meyer

    Question: I shot quail in field and skinned them, i.e. field dressed the same. Is there anything I should do different in the cooking or preparation?

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