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3 responses to “Steelhead with Sorrel Sauce and Salsify”

  1. Joanne Daschel

    Thanks for this recipe. I love sorrel soup, and steelhead’s my favorite fish. With sorrel in my early spring garden, this dish is calling.

    One note of caution: I am a professional gardener and up till last year had never encountered a reaction to rue. I had some growing as an ornamental. Turns out if you have contact with the leaf (as in pruning/picking) and then exposure to direct sunlight, you may experience a blistering burn on the affected skin. We’re talking lasting, scarring burn. You may guess that rue is no longer a part of my garden.

  2. Sarah G

    Looks amazing, as usual. I must plant me some sorrel this summer. No foraging for it around my neck of the woods.

  3. Cheri

    Ditto on the rue experience–twenty years later and I still have the scars on my forearms.

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