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6 responses to “Ramp and Pecan Pesto”

  1. deana

    I love ramps. Whenever I think of them I think of Spring (a very welcome concept with the weather we’ve been having out East). Thanks for the blanching tip, I look forward to foraging some soon and making this lovely pesto.

  2. Erika

    Hank, what a wonderful idea for ramps! I’m blessed that I have a hotspot for them, and have even transplanted some to my backyard woods where they seem to be doing fine and I hope they will spread enough for harvesting soon. I have some free-range lamb raised by a friend, so I’m so going to do lamb chops with this pesto, getting tired of rosemary with them. :)

  3. erica

    Hank, this sounds delicious, and I always appreciate your prep tips like blanching the green stuff first. Cheers.

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  5. trong nguyen

    Where can I find three-cornered leeks either in the field or store around Sacramento/Northern California? Can we grow it in Sacramento area under tall threes like redwood? Thanks

  6. Joe C

    Hank this pesto was great! Very easy to make, (especially with mortar and pestil), but I had to do in batches. Served it spread on grilled crostini on Mother’s day last weekend and ate it on toast all week. Blanching was also Granny’s secret to taming the strong taste/smell. Even after eating this stuff all week I don’t stink!!! (My wife would definitely let me know if I did!)

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