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Duck, Duck, Goose Ready for Preorder!

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Duck, Duck, Goose Book Cover

UPDATE, March 7: Never in a million years would I imagine that you, HAGC Nation, would be so strong! Thanks to you, Duck, Duck, Goose is ranked No. 981 in ALL books on this morning; we’re also No. 1 in Game and we cracked the Top 100 in Cookbooks. That is an astonishingly high rank for a duck and goose cookbook that won’t even be released until October 1. It’s better than I could have possibly imagined, and I want to thank you all. Keep spreading the word to all the duck hunters and duck enthusiasts out there! ~Hank

Look what I found.

With six months or so until Duck, Duck, Goose: Recipes and Techniques for Cooking Ducks and Goose, Both wild and Domesticated will be released — details such as actual page count, final editing, etc. are still a work in progress. Hell, we might even tinker with the cover. But, if you are so inclined, you can pre-order the book  and tell the big booksellers that yes, you want a copy when it does come out on October 1.

Why bother doing this? Why not wait until the book is released? Those Who Know These Things tell me that if we get enough pre-orders, Ten Speed (my publisher) will print more copies, the booksellers will be more inclined to feature the book, book reviewers more likely to review it, and so on. A rare few books generate so many pre-orders that they hit the bestseller lists immediately upon release. Now that would be pretty damn cool, wouldn’t it?

I will certainly have books in my truck as I crisscross the United States this fall. But if you want to help me kick the tour off with a bang, consider pre-ordering a copy. It’ll arrive at your door the day it’s released — in time for duck season. Then, if you want me to sign it, meet me on the road and I’ll be more than happy to.

How to go about it? You can pre-order my book through here, or, if you’d prefer, through Barnes & Noble here. I haven’t seen the book show up on other online booksellers yet, but if you notice it, let me know.

I know this feeling. I was a track and field runner in a former life (a miler, mostly), and what I am feeling now is the same feeling I had before each season. Had I prepared enough? Will I be good enough? It is the calm before a maelstrom of driving, talking, eating and meeting all of you. Finally, Duck, Duck, Goose is edging toward something physical, something I can hold in my hand.

What’s more, I feel like I’ve been harboring a secret all these months because so much of the book is new material I’ve never published here on Hunter Angler Gardener Cook — and I can’t wait to share that secret with you.

Only a few more months to go…

20 responses to “Duck, Duck, Goose Ready for Preorder!”

  1. Roger

    I pre-ordered my copy. I can’t wait to get it. I’ll try to see you in Bath, Maine on October 30th.

  2. Eric Jennings

    Nice, I can’t wait!!!

  3. Lionel

    Hi Hank

    Any plans in the works to release your book as a Ipad or Iphone app? I use these more than books when I cook.

    Love the site.


  4. Jeff

    Done, and done. Looking forward to another great one!

  5. Bonnie Story

    Pleeeez make a book date in the pac Northwest! Leave time for a wild oyster feast and some killer fly fishing! Big fan of your work. Bonnie

  6. Anita

    Pre-ordered on Amazon! Looking forward to meeting you in Detroit or East Lansing!

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    […] So, big fan of Hank Shaw, founder of the blog Honest Food, and author of Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook. He’s dropping a new book on how to take duck (and goose) to the next level, both wild and farmed. Now available for pre-order his new joint–DUCK DUCK GOOSE. […]

  8. Jason C.

    Is foie gras covered in the new book? Are the photo color? Loved the last one. Keep up the good work Hank!

  9. Christine

    Congratulations Hank!

  10. E. Nassar

    Done! Looking forward to my copy.

  11. Joe siudzinski

    Pre ordered the book thanks for all the good wild game cooking advice Just a red neck who figured out healthy eating starts with a bullet or a seed

  12. Jimmy

    Pre ordered. Hope to see you in Atlanta.

  13. JimmyJames-Canada

    Hank – any stops planned for Canada? Toronto hopefully?

  14. Ken W

    Pre-ordered my copy on for delivery here in Canada. Looking forward to the release – smack dab in the middle of our migratory season!!!!! Ken W

  15. MattS

    Looking forward to getting my copy of the book! If the tour brings you this way (Milwaukee, WI, area) and water isn’t hard yet, we should get out on one of our many awesome musky lakes. While we wouldn’t keep a musky, the battle is awesome, and there are always plenty of incidental pike to catch for the pan/grill.

  16. MattS

    Just booked!…found the tour schedule shortly after posting the above. Let me know about the musky fishing. Warm Regards, Matt

  17. Peter Syapin

    Hi Hank,

    Just pre-ordered the book. We’ve had some nice rain in West Texas/South Plains and the tanks on our lease are full. Should have a nice early teal and duck season, so plenty of birds to try your recipes from the book.

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