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7 responses to “Cappelletti Pasta in Duck Broth”

  1. Chris

    It might cloud your beautiful broth mightily, but what about cooking the pasta in the broth instead of water?

  2. Jim

    Sould I then add the feet from the rooster when making pheasant stock?

  3. Dawn | KitchenTravels

    I just so happen to have a few duck carcasses hanging around in my freezer. Not sure if my three kids will allow me the luxury of making an all-day recipe this weekend, but maybe one day while they’re in school! Looks and sounds simply delicious. (Great pics, as always, Holly.)

  4. Jon

    Gorgeous dish and inspiring photos, and I love the idea of serving a dish like this family style, thank you for sharing.

  5. elizabeth

    After reading this, I need to do the following:
    a.) Convince my boss to give me some of the ducks he’s shot.
    b.) Make this.
    c.) Get my permit and learn how to properly shoot a shotgun meant for hunting ducks so I don’t have to buy them at Fairway and therefore I can make this all of the time.

    Learning how to properly handle guns is a thing my husband and I want to do this year, and this blog is going to serve well as a sort of aspiration for when we’re actually good at shooting game. And I need to start thinking of making stuffed pastas as a kind of yoga because as much as I love homemade stuffed pastas, I still see them as too much of a chore.

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