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52 responses to “Kabanosy, the World’s Greatest Slim Jim”

  1. Brad

    This looks amazing. I’ve been a little intimidated by the Marianski book; thanks for helping me get into it.

    One thought, from the world of smoked sausages, is that instead of hanging the links to dry at room temperature, set them overnight in the fridge with as much surface area exposed as possible. That would give it more time (with less risk) to form the pellicle for the smoke to stick to.

    And I recommend Butcher & Packer out of Detroit for casings and other curing orders. Great service, solid website and excellent quality – better than I’ve gotten from buying the “single serving” casings from the Fish Hunt Camp stores or Amazon. I’m not affiliated. Just a fan.

  2. Nora

    Thank you for this! Someone gave my husband some kabanosy a couple years ago and he’s been talking about it ever since, but I hadn’t yet tracked down a recipe. Now to get my hands on some sheep casings.

  3. Celeste

    My favorite use for sheepskin casings: long, skinny merguez sausages, perfect for grilling & folding into fresh flatbread.

  4. Sarah | The Cyclist's Wife

    These look and sound so good but I’m not sure I’m brave enough to try it. If you ever do a live lesson, please let us know!

  5. John

    I’m familiar with Polish kielbasa; this looks wonderful. I can’t wait to try it.



  6. Tamar@StarvingofftheLand

    Did someone actually tell you that Kevin just got a brand-new industrial-strength sausage stuffer, or do you have some kind of charcuterie ESP?

  7. Liz

    Wow, grew up eating these but never thought about making them myself! Now I am seriously craving one. By the way, kabanosy is plural; a single one would be a kabanos… but how often are you eating just one? 🙂

  8. Will

    Can you eat these as is? Or do you have to cook/grill them afterwards?

  9. Mark

    hank – could you use collagen casings?

  10. nepas

    Nice recipe. Just 1 question.

    Why 1 t cure #1 to 2.5 lbs of meat? Should be 1/2 t.

  11. nepas


    Like your Kabanosy recipe but have some weight issues on the salt

    What kind of kosher you use?
    Diamond Crystal?

    The 2 will weigh different.
    Mortons 3 Tbs I get a Gram weight of 56.3 (approx)
    Diamond Crystal 3 Tbs I get a gram weight of 39


  12. Eva Rees

    I’m Polish and I grew up with these. Insanely delicious, satisfying and addictive. Glad to see you’re enjoying them! Pronounced more like kah-bah-NOH-sih.

  13. nepas

    Thats Mortons course kosher.
    Think im going to go with the diamond crystal. If you have ever google sausage you may have seen my sausage posts done in my Bradley or my smokehouse. Also my dry cure done in my sobe cure fridge. I recently started back up on a blog after my other got hacked. I need to update with my recent pics.

    Thanks Hank for all your replys.

  14. Andrea Mynard

    Thanks for great idea. I’m fairly new to sausage making, have chorizo and salami drying in one of our wood shelters and experimented a little due to lots of pork from the Berkshire pigs who cleared our back garden of thistles last yeat. But now I want to have a go at these too, look wonderful!

  15. Mark

    I made these without weighing the salt, just measuring. They taste good, but a tad salty. Will weigh next time.

    Hank – question – I used my LEM 5 lb sausage stuffer for the first time when making this recipe. I had several instances in which I had to back the plunger off because the meat wasn’t moving well enough and would push back through the gasket seal. I’m thinking the meat was too tacky, needed more ice water prior to stuffing?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!

  16. RavenR

    Would it be okay to use lamb or goat for this? Any adjustments needed for using these meats for the recipe?

  17. RavenR

    Thanks. I can’t wait to try it. I just need a few more runs with the sausage stuffer to get the hang of it, and then I’ll give it a go.

  18. Karl

    What Diam. casings did you use? Recipe sounds great.

  19. Karl

    Hank,sheep casings will run from about 22 to 28 mm. Just made up your recipe,(pork)used 18mm. collagen.(Thats what I had on hand)They get smoked up tomorrow. Do you shower them or just let them cool in the smoker? Looking foward to trying them. Thanks Again.

  20. Karl

    Hank,They came out great.Will go with you suggestion of sheep casing next time,(probably 22mm.) can’t wait to try them with venison.Thanks again. Karl

  21. Jon

    Hank, I am going to be making these and wanted to know if it OK to hang them after smoking in my curing chamber with some other items. The curing chamber is at the right temperature but has the humidifier going. Your instructions don’t mention anything about humidity for the drying period.

  22. Peter S

    Hank, I don’t have a hot smoker, could I cold smoke and then bake do you think?

  23. Peter S

    Thanks Hank, have cure#1 will give it a go.

  24. Warren

    Couple questions: can’t find Instacure #1, but found some sodium nitrite? Can I use this as a replacement and if so, the same amount as isn’t acute?
    All parts of my house are either too warm (70 degrees plus or way below freezing. Any advice?

  25. Rob

    These are great. You can finish in the oven if your smoker can’t get to temp in winter (a problem for me in subzero Minnesota winter). However, your house will smell like smoked sausage – maybe not a bad thing. I highly recommend the Marianski’s book. Favorite kielbasa is Krakowska, a combination of cut and emulsified meat, nutmeg, garlic, and pepper. For those who grew up with it the recipe is spot on! Even if you’ve never had it you should try if you enjoy kabanosy. Thanks for the blog.

  26. Peter

    I don’t have a scale that weighs in grams and when I measured out 3 tablespoons of Mortons kosher salt my recipe would have been way too salty if I had added all three tablespoons. I only added about half of the amount called for in the recipe. Luckily I measured the seasonings in a separate bowl and slowly added the mixture and cooked a small amount between seasonings… but now I have a bowl of kabanosy seasoning and my sausage doesn’t have enough cure. Careful with the recipe if you don’t have an accurate scale.

  27. SMOKEY

    after making my own snack sticks last week this recipe has me intrigued. I noticed the Kabanosy description at the top mentions garlic in it, but the recipe does not include it. My Kielbasa recipe has to have a good amount of Garlic in it. Has anyone made this recipe with some garlic in it? I found a similar recipe on Wikipedia that included garlic. I may have to try it both ways?!?!

  28. Casper

    I know the last comment was quite some time ago, I would like to try this but wanted to know what smoker I can use? I have a wooden cold smoke box…. dont know if that will work…

  29. John D

    Looking at trying this with a batch of duck breast from last weekend. I can’t find sheep casings locally. Can you safely substitute pork casings tied in small sticks like the land jaeger recipe?

  30. brice

    Great recipe Hank and thanks for sharing it. I have two questions though. First you mentioned in the description that this sausage “is fairly lightly spiced with garlic” and I see that garlic is not on your ingredient list. Was this an omission?

    The second question that I had is in comparing your recipe with the one in the Marianski brothers wonderful book I noticed they don’t add any fat. They describe this as a “meat stick” and use lean pork. I realize you used venison and probably added the pork fat because the venison is so lean but wanted to get your opinion.

    I did make the recipe today and it’s wonderful. At least the little patty I fried was wonderful, the rest is sitting happily on my smoker.

  31. Pottsy

    Hi hank,greetings from Australia.
    My partner and I (shes polish) just knocked up a batch of these bad boys this afternoon,using sambar venison and pork belly. Pretty dam good id have to say!

    We are also having a go at your basic salami recipe with the venison.. shed style. All seems to be going fantastic with current temps reasonably cool and good humidity.
    Thanks for all the amazing work,your commitment is outstanding! I only recently discovered honest-food and will be working my way through many delicious projects in the future.

  32. David

    They came out great! Don’t know if they will last the dry time!

  33. Nicole Novak

    “that are to canned Vienna sausages what God is to a lump of mud.”

    And THAT was hilarious!!

  34. Rich Mooney

    WOW!! I get this from a local Polish smoke house near me. This stuff is fantastic!!

  35. Heather

    Weigh your salt! We didn’t and the batch was extremely salty. So sad! The recipe was great. Texture, snap and seasoning perfect. We used the pork ratios. Also we used our smokehouse and it took the 4 hours on a windy day to achieve perfect temp and smoke. We used cherry wood.

  36. Beverly Sandberg

    Where can I purchase. Friends from Chicago bring this to us and can’t get enough!

  37. Pottsy

    Hank, a question. Iv been doing this recipe of yours alot with venison and pork belly, because its insanely good. However ive also been doing a fair bit from the mariankis polish sausage book as well. I noticed the only significant difference between the polish government recipe and yours, is your addition of celery seed. I did a batch to the marianksi recipe over the weekend and to be honest couldn’t see a great difference.. but im an idiot because I should have done a split batch for comparison and didnt.

    Anyway im just wondering about the celery seed. Is this just an addition you came up with on your own? or subbed in from another part of Europe.. or found in a family recipe from some obscure region..?

    Just curious.

    Na zdrowi

  38. Pottsy

    Hahaha.. good answer. Cheers!

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