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17 responses to “The White Rabbit”

  1. Tina

    Thanks for posting this, Hank. I’ve never cooked rabbit before, but I think it’s time to give it a try. However, I’m not a fan of olives, so do you think the omission would seriously impact the result? Or could you suggest a reasonable substitute?

  2. la domestique

    I’ve checked out Cooking By Hand from the library so many times- such a great book! I really like the way you’ve approached rabbit here, and look forward to giving the recipe a try.

  3. Tracey - Food and Forage hebrides

    I am delighted to have found your pages via a blog. I try my best to lead the kind of life you describe, although it can be challenging here in the Outer Hebrides. Rabbit is so often underrated, but it one of the finest wild meats and your recipe looks delicious. I will be trying it. I look forward to your recipes and posts. Thanks, Tracey

  4. lloyd

    Hi Hank, have you ever posted your recipe for polenta, I haven’t been able to find it? It looks simple (and great), but I know the technique varies from person to person.

    Thank you! Lloyd

  5. RobbieAnn Montgomery

    Hey Tina, just don’t eat the olives.

  6. Chris

    Agree with you on the importance of subtlety in cooking Rabbit. For this past easter I made “Lapin a la Gueuze”. A braised rabbit dish that uses Gueuze a slightly tart, earthy, funky Belgian beer. Next time I think I will try the no browning technique and see how that works.

  7. Bret Bannon

    I so enjoy cooking with rabbit. Thanks for sharing what looks to be a delicious recipe. I’ll have to try it out.

  8. Mandi

    My husband is a recovering alcoholic and doesn’t like the idea of wine in his food, even though he logically knows the alcohol burns off. Would it be suitable to substitute more broth to make up for the omission of the wine?

  9. Grithugger

    Thanks for this recipe my rabbit source has just left 4 dozen rabbits at the shop door,and i could do with all the recipes i can get my hands on!
    I shall be sending my customers in the direction of your blog for some inspiration.
    Many thanks,form a very cold,ruddy cheeked butcher in snowy northwest England!

  10. Jean

    Thank you for this recipe. It turned out really well. The only thing I did different was the broth on one day and the rest of the recipe on the next day.

  11. Mike

    Tried your Rabbit in Mustard Sauce Recipe from Simply Recipes last night,
    my wife and I both enjoyed it very much. I just happened to run across that recipe while looking for something else and was surprised to find a rabbit recipe from you that I had not seen before. Do you have a lot of recipes out there that are only on other websites? Is there an easy way to find or link to them? If not would you consider adding links in the appropriate recipe categories on Hunter Angler Gardener Cook? I’d hate to miss any of your stuff.
    Thanks, Mike

  12. Cheri

    Thank you for making my first rabbit cooking experience awesome! You are very informative on the different types of game and it helped a lot for choosing this recipe. My hubby’s birthday dinner turned out amazing! =^^=

  13. Liz

    I am lucky enough to have three wild bunnies in my freezer and thought I would try a different recipe. This came up in a search so I’ll have a go at it tomorrow. Thanks.

  14. Donna

    I’ll be making this a second time tonite. It is excellent and a wonderful break from the rabbit stews I usually make. Will be substituting a cauliflower gratin for the the mashed potato and cabbage since we are on a paleo kick right now. Bon Appetit!

  15. Beth

    I have eaten rabbit many times before but never attempted to cook it myself. I chose this recipe because I had all the ingredients on hand. The rabbit that was given to me was already broken down and none of the bits were there for making stock so I used homemade chicken stock instead. That was the only deviation in the recipe. It turned out amazing. Hubby practically licked his plate and declared that we are definitely going to start hunting bunnies more often. Looking forward to trying it again with the rabbit stock instead. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe.

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