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13 responses to “Crayfish Bisque”

  1. Will

    So will the recipe work similarly with lobster shells if I’ve got a bunch on hand? Any potential differences or pitfalls if I’m using lobster shells? We had lobster New Year’s Eve and I froze everyone’s shells and took them home with me in my stockpot. They’ve been sitting in my chest freezer since.

  2. Shirley @ gfe

    Oh my goodness, this bisque is a “must make” recipe for sure. Now I feel terrible that I’ve been throwing away crawdad shells for year. Love all the components and that they can be made separately and ahead of time!


  3. Andrea Mynard

    This looks wonderful. Must remember to return to it in warmer weather as on my wish list for this year is a camping trip to a spot on the River Windrush (near the Cotswolds where I live)where I’ve heard the wild swimming is great but there are plenty of crayfish to catch too. Thanks for spurring me on with your lovely recipe.

  4. Jamie

    This is one of those moments that I wish they had smellavision. I love a good bisque and I love crayfish. My New Years resolution was to catch and eat more crayfish this year and I know what I am starting with. Do you know if its possible to trap them in the winter? I may not be able to wait until spring.

  5. Celeste

    What a lovely bisque! Crawfish season is just beginning in south Louisiana, though we’re lucky to get frozen year round. I make a roux-based Louisiana style bisque studded with boulettes or stuffed crawfish heads:
    Sure wish I had a bowl of your bisque right now.

  6. MikeW

    I definitely need to try this! I’m in Alabama now, I need to get down to the Gulf for some good shrimp.

  7. Slowpoke

    Thanks,Hank.I’ll have to use lobster for this fine recipe.We don’t have crayfish here in Nova I might try this with tiger shrimp,I haven’t decided yet.It will be delicious in any event.

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  9. Jenifer

    Ack! It’s Crawfish, not crayfish……Yankees 😛

    Made this tonight. Yummy yummy!

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  11. Maureen

    This Crayfish Bisque looks very flavorful. The color is really bursting out flavors! I will surely try this one!

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