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9 responses to “Hunting Ducks on Great Salt Lake”

  1. MikeW

    And you leave the lake with ducks that have already been brined!

  2. Todd

    Sweet! My group got 2 cans this Saturday. Drake and a female. Both deeked up hard. Damn they’re a big duck. It’s my first time seeing a drake up close. Not quite in full plumage, but still regal enough.

  3. Kevin

    Great write up. I love hunting Pochards. It’s unfortunate that most people don’t realize just how good Canvasbacks, Redheads, and Ringnecks are as table fare.

  4. Mike

    Great story. Great pics. Great setting….and Great shooting!

  5. Van

    Love the blog. Enjoy the pics. (Where’s Holly?) Living vicariously.

  6. Eric

    I share your love for the king of ducks. Those swans are quite delicious as well. I believe Nevada still has some leftover tags. Let me know if you’d like some advice on where to go for a Can/Swan combo hunt here in the Silver State. Your writings and recipes are terrific. I wish there were more representatives like you in the hunting community.

  7. Mitch


    I read your story and am in just as much awe of the Canvasback as you. I was told that that particular duck was the best table fare. I had serious doubts. After harvesting my first last year I can honestly say they are the best. Such a shame they were almost hunted to extinction. We are heading out next week for our turn at them.

  8. Lou

    Specs, sprig a close second, mallards (if they’ve been eating right), then teal*, then cans 🙂

    *Teal stuffed with wild rice-yum (I know, I know: we almost never stuff a bird–makes ’em drier than a popcorn fart, usually)

  9. Greg Mortensen

    Do you have the name and # of a GREAT guide for the GSL. Visiting my son in Bountiful 1st week of Dec. would love to take him.

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