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6 responses to “Pickled Jerusalem Artichokes”

  1. Ivriniel

    Thanks for this information. I love Jerusalem Artichokes going down. Don’t love them so much once they’re down there.

    I’m going to forward a link to this post to my CSA. Hopefully your tip about when to dig them would be helpful.

  2. Christine

    I can’t wait to try this recipe! We bartered goat cheese for 30# of sunchokes this spring and planted every single root. Thanks for the tip about digging them, too. I should get to that task very soon. We’ve had plenty of freezes, but the ground is not solid, yet. Greetings from Vt.

  3. Stephen

    Whoa, armed with this knowledge I may go out to the yard and dig some up.

  4. Andrea Mynard

    Great idea, like the idea of having this alongside Moroccan tagines. Especially as they grow so easily in the garden and are one of the few veggies I still have plenty of. Will try to forget about their ‘fartichoke’ reputation.

  5. Marilyn Moore

    I live in Mississippi and anxious to try growing this wonderful veggie ! I was tickled to find them in “The Fresh Market ” . Hopefully they will root from one of the plants I bought . Thx. for the info . Actually I know nothing much about cooking this plant much less canning it so this should be an interesting education for me .

  6. Terry Torok

    I first ate Jerusalem Artichokes that were pickled as a kid. My father used to pickle them every year. He has passed away many years ago and so went his recipe. I will try your recipe and hope I like them as much as his.

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