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17 responses to “Squash Soup with Bacon”

  1. Patrick

    Trying this tomorrow after all the trick o’ treaters. Thanks Hank!

  2. Michael Leidner

    That looks delicious, currently I am growing butternut, hubbard blue and Galeux D Eysines (warty, and supposed to be sweet, long stored and delicious). I know what I will be cooking in the coming weeks as thing ripen up. I do still have some butternut from the spring that I could do this with now. Perhaps with some fried rabbit on the side…

  3. Jennifer

    This is very similar to my Butternut squash soup. I use heavy creme, and then to make it a different flavor profile, I use garam masala and alittle chinese 5 spice – super yummy!!

  4. la domestique

    I agree, butternut squash is hard to beat! A simple soup of bacon, squash, and creme fraiche seems like a great idea. Happy Halloween!

  5. Debra

    I grew some Japanese Red Kuri Squash this year and I’ve been looking for some good recipes to try. This sounds excellent and simple. Just the way I like it. As my son says, anything’s good with bacon.

  6. phanmo

    This is almost exactly the same as my recipe, including the crème fraiche. The only difference is that I add walnuts with the bacon at the start.

  7. Dishes from the Dish

    We planted a Cinderella pumpkin last spring and it produced a 56-pound beast along with some 30- and 20-pounders. Those lasted a full year in a shady spot on a dry porch. Fantastic flavor and texture; I loved eating it raw.

  8. Katie

    I second the Red Kuri. They’re really tasty and versatile. You can halve and roast them, and then the skin usually peels off easily, as opposed to having to scoop out the flesh. I like to be able to end up with a nice chunk of intact roasted squash to cube or dice or whatever, and it’s easier than having to peel and chop it before cooking. They taste a little pumpkin-y and I’d say they store quite well. If you like the traditional butternut, have you tried the Tahitian? They look like a really gigantic, curved butternut, but they are sweeter and I’ve had them store for over a year before. The trick is they can take up to 120 days to ripen, so put them in early.

  9. Marsha

    Always looking for new squash soup recipes. My favorite winter squash/pumpkin is the Hokkaido. It also has bright orange flesh and great taste, but what makes it win hands down is that you can just chop it into chunks without peeling. After cooking the peel just melts in with the flesh. I’ve stored them in a cool place in the basement for about 6 months.

  10. Trish

    This really is a terrific approach to soup!

    My notes:
    Used salt pork
    Used creme fraiche

    After the first simmer, I used a dipper to bring up the solid parts and pureed them in the food processor.

    There was quite a bit of liquid, which I held to the side.

    I reintroduced a few ladle-fulls of liquid, and held onto the rest. The goal is to make some amazing risotto with the broth, infused with salt pork, onions, squash and bay leaves.

    I’m thinking that some roasted vegetables could be pureed and join the soup for the last simmer, too… maybe later.

  11. Ivriniel

    I love delicata squash. They don’t keep as long as some of the other winter squash, but they have wonderful flavour.

  12. Crissi

    I’ve been drooling over this every since you posted about it. So I made this for tonight’s dinner, and can’t wait to serve it to the family. It’s really delicious, and such a pretty soup! Thank you!

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  14. Anna

    I made this delicious soup last week with a small pumpkin, bacon and sour cream (couldn’t find creme fraiche), and pureed the soup with my blender. Amazing soup!
    I would like to make this soup for Thanksgiving, but would like to make it in advance so that i’m not making soup on top of potatoes, etc. Has anyone made the soup and put it in the freezer? I’m thinking if I do not add the sour cream/creme fraiche before freezing, it might turn out okay. Any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated!

  15. Legnip

    Well done!!! I made this recipe with Pumpkin this weekend. It was awesome!!!

  16. HorseDoctor

    Made this one yesterday exactly as written. Fresh squash & onions from the garden and homemade bacon ends/pieces hot off the smoker. AMBROSIA!

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