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5 responses to “Pheasant Peperonata”

  1. marshall

    Hank, my stovetop is basically a piece of glass with burners below the glass (i hate it btw). So the heat from the burner remains for a long time, which is different from gas stoves I’ve had, they tend to cool faster. Question is, should I remove the pot from the heat or just let it stay on there?

  2. marshall

    Nevermind that btw dude, we made this last night. It was pimp (along with a little Downton Abby and some tempernillo).

  3. Jon Walker

    Made this last night with chicken thighs, faux veal stock, fresh red, yellow, banana & ripe/red jalapeno pepers, sweet onion and parsley from the garden. It was outstanding! Savory, sweet with a little heat. Thinking about using the leftover stock with the same ingredients plus bone-in, skin-on thighs in a rice pilaf…

  4. Jon Walker

    PS – plus Striped Roman tomatoes…

  5. Pheasant Returns :: the unprocess

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