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Hunt, Gather, Cook is in Paperback!

Photo by Holly A. Heyser

It’s been a wild ride since Hunt, Gather, Cook came out in May 2011. Lots of press, my first TV appearances, radio, even a favorable New York Times review. Then came the book tour, which took me to 40 states over nine months. That tour was a life-changing experience, one I hope to relive in a year when my duck and goose cookbook comes out.

Through it all, you, the readers of this space, have been with me. You’ve helped me untold times on book tour, given me a couch or a bed to sleep in, coordinated book dinners and signings, taken me into the field and onto the water. And you’ve bought books. Oh yes, people, you’ve bought books.

Hunt, Gather, Cook book coverHunt, Gather, Cook has run through three printings of its hardcover edition, officially making it a successful book in the eyes of my publisher, Rodale. As a result, Rodale has decided to release my book in a paperback edition, and that edition hits the shelves today. So if you are interested in buying a copy of Hunt, Gather, Cook, you can now do so for about $10, which is about $6 a copy less than the hardcover edition.

I am deeply grateful for all your support, which has helped me realize that I may just be able to pay the rent doing what I love. And for those of you who’ve asked me, the answer is no,  I am not getting rich from this book: In fact, I’ve yet to see a royalty check from Rodale. But I am hoping that sales of the paperback will change that.

Thank you all again, for everything. I owe you all a debt of gratitude I will do my best to repay by trying my damndest to not disappoint you either on this site, or in any of my books.

Now it’s fall, my favorite time of the year. Time for adventures outside! Time to get out and play your part on Nature’s stage. Whether you’re after striped bass or walleye, deer, ducks or pheasants, mushrooms or nuts, good luck this season, everyone!


5 responses to “Hunt, Gather, Cook is in Paperback!”

  1. Kevin

    Hank, you have yet to disappoint. Though, I would like to see more videos with demos of techniques and stuff.

  2. Will

    Hank- A little late out of the gate here… ordered the soft cover edition today. Thanks for putting forth the time and effort to create this site and share the knowledge. I plan to use a number of your recipes this weekend for fresh venison and pork sausages. Grilled some whole grouper last week using the technique on the site. It was fantastic.

    Best- Will

  3. la domestique

    I really enjoyed your book dinner at the Black Cat in Boulder, and with the change of seasons have found myself picking up your book again and being newly inspired. Congrats on the paperback release, and I cannot wait for the duck book!

  4. kim

    Congratulations! I love your site and am going to buy the book right now.


  5. Nathan

    Still wishing for an e-book edition… in glorious color!

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