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8 responses to “Salmon Tartare”

  1. Peter

    Nice job with the chips. Where did you get such a cool idea?

  2. Guy Balestrieri


    Great recipe! I have made a similar Tartar dish Polynesian style with fresh caught & then frozen Ahi tuna with Sesame Seed Oil, Coconut milk, ground ginger, Sliced Sweet Maui Onions, Cayenne pepper, and soy sauce to taste. Can’t wait to try this recipe. Two things that I thought were missed in the recipe, one is that scales need to be removed from the skin of the salmon before preparing the “cracker”, and two it would be nice if you gave the recipe for the salmon roe caviar, rather than store buy it. I catch female salmon on the American River every year laden with plenty of fresh roe, but unfortunately do not have a good recipe to cure the roe. My attempts have unfortunately been futile. When they are running good in October after we get some good rain I will be sure to drop you an invite, as this is your neck of the woods. Thanks as always for all the great recipes. I just got back from Mendota Wild Life Area where I was Dove hunting this Labor Day weekend. We did well and have my eye on trying your Prickly Pear BBQ Dove recipe. Thanks again.

  3. Michal

    If my only source of wild salmon is frozen am I basically good to go once it thaws?

  4. Juls (Pepper and Sherry)

    I know you apologised for talking about the practicality of parasites and fresh salmon, but I really didn’t know and am thankful for learning that information. It’s definitely something to take note of.
    Beautiful photography as always. Salmon, in all it’s forms, is such a vibrantly camera-friendly fish and here your tartare just looks stunning!

  5. Matt

    I have never actually taken the time to prepare any of the salmon I catch in raw form. I do eat it plenty of it raw but it is at the fish cleaning table. It started as a dare from a buddy of mine and has turned into a bit of tradition. I mix up a little dipping sauce (soy, honey, citrus) and set it on the table. After I have the sides of the fish of I scrap the meat off the bones. I crack open a beer and enjoy the spoils. You have inspired me to try something a little more high brow.
    p.s. how is dove season going. Isaac blew a lot of my birds north and now its a waiting game.

  6. Guy Balestrieri


    I stand corrected and thanks for the Caviar Recipe. Hope to use it very soon!


  7. Piper Harris

    Absolutely beautiful! I grew up in the pacific Northwest, this reminds me of home!

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